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It took me for making dough: -1 cup of flour; -0.5 cup of starch; -2 cup of extra salt; -0.5 cup of water. Cool picture
All ingredients need to be mixed thoroughly and then I heated them in a saucepan. Heat until the dough becomes viscous, elastic. Then the dough is thoroughly mixed, to a homogeneous mass.
Cool picture
I took a small piece of dough and rolled it to the required shape. Then from above punctured two holes with a straw. After that, I started creating a picture. Stuck head and ears bunny. Then blinded roses and chamomile. Glue them. Picture left to freeze. After a few hours of natural solidification, I put the product in the microwave. I chose the minimum temperature and set the time to 2 minutes. Then the product became quite hard, but I left it still, so that it froze completely.
 Funny Picture

For decoration I found myself useful: -brushes of different thicknesses -water -gouache -lacies for nails with sparkles -lacs for completing works.
Having decorated the product, I let it dry for a while. After that, put varnish with spangles in order to make the appearance of the product complete. After, she let the varnish dry. When all the paints were fixed, I applied a layer of varnish on the product to complete the work. Then the picture dried day. Luck gave a very interesting effect. We did this picture together with the baby in order to give it to the grandmother's birthday. Therefore, the product turned out a little childish, so that the grandmother believed in the reality of what his child did. I tried to make the product as childish as possible, I hope that everything worked out for me.
 Funny Picture
Grandmother is left, very satisfied.
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