Tell me, what was the treatment, and most importantly - cured the fungus? It was already at several doctors in public polyclinics in Almaty, all prescribed different drugs, but so far none has helped.
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Answered 23 June 14:20
Well, if you went to the state polyclinic, to doctors who have been working there for 40 years, then I would not be surprised if you were tried to be treated with what you were treating 20 years ago. But after a long time released more effective means. Can you write what you assigned?
Answered 23 June 14:27
The author, I support the previous commentator - you need to go to a truly qualified dermatologist. Only then will be the sense of his appointments. Maybe you should enroll in a clinic that, in principle, specializes in the treatment of dermatological diseases, including fungal diseases? Look, suddenly this clinic in Almaty will suit you.
Answered 23 June 14:32
If doctors get information about new drugs exclusively from medical representatives, they will put experiments on you.Like, interesting, but does this tool really work? Maybe with you it was, so there is no result.
Nazar Kovalev
Nazar Kovalev
Answered on June 30, 23:37
Considering the situation and treatment, it is the quality of the treatment that no one guarantees that it will be of high quality.

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