Funny toys from balloons

Fun toys
Today I want to offer you to make toys from improvised means. To make them you will need: elastic balloons of various sizes, preferably of dense latex, fine markers, a funnel, flour, a pencil and various types of decoration.
what you need
Such fun can be made from starch, and then your craft, apart from its nice appearance, will also “crunch”. You can experiment and replace the flour and starch, beans or rice. The weight of this toy varies from 70 grams and above. It all depends on the size of the ball itself. These handicrafts have many names, such as “Kinder - smiles”, “Koloboks”, “Fun come from childhood”, “Kapitoshki”, “Hypocrites”, “Massazherchiki”, “Erysipelas with emotions” and the like. Its meaning lies in the latex ball, which is tightly filled with flour or starch and at the same time it can easily change its shape. So, let's get to work: 1. Using a marker on the balls, we draw emotional muzzles.  balls draw
 draw balls Frankly, this is not very practical, because drawing is enough it is quickly erased, so it would be more rational to buy balloons with the image of cheerful little faces. 2. Pour a little flour into the funnel and compact it with an ordinary pencil.  Pour some flour into the funnel
 Pour some flour into the funnel
 Put some flour in the funnel
So, Aem until the very end, until the ball is completely filled with flour. It must be filled sufficiently tightly so that there is absolutely no empty space left. Instead of a funnel, you can use paper that is folded into a cone-shaped shape or a funnel made from the bottle neck, and the pencil can be replaced with a thin brush. 3. Remove the filled ball from the funnel and tie the tail on a strong knot.Optionally, the gum can be cut with scissors.
 tying tail
 tying tail
4. In the same way, I made a snake from a thin and long ball.
 what I did
That's what I did: These balls are great take on various forms that you give them
 I made a snake
 I made a snake
 take different forms
5. Now we begin to decorate the capitols. An incredible variety of their jewelry options, for example, with the help of glue, you can glue running eyes, a scarf, veil, bows to the ball, or make your hair out of threads and a New Year's rain and tie them to a toy bundle. In this case, the main thing is your imagination.
 Fun toys from balloons
Make this toy with your baby, believe me, the child will do it with great pleasure and excitement. This fun for adults can serve as a stress-relieving toy (as it is pleasantly wrinkled with hands and soothing), and in children the ball, in addition to the positive emotions, develops fine motor skills. However, apart from the positive aspects, this toy has one big minus. If suddenly a child accidentally bites it or breaks, then the whole inside may collapse or the baby can get into the mouth and lungs. After this, your child can cough for a long time and intermittently. Therefore, to protect yourself from such problems, control the child's play or make such toys from the densest latex.
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