front elevator and its device

Advantages of the facade lift

The facade lift is used for construction work at height. They can be used for facade and finishing works, for the installation of lighting equipment, during the construction of high-rise buildings, enterprises, during the laying of electrical networks.

Cradle device

It resembles a metal platform with a special fence, which serves for security, and metal winches with electric drive. The whole structure is suspended on the building with the help of metal cables that are attached to special consoles located on the roof of the building. With the help of fixed winches, the platform is able to move up and down, moving only near the walls of the building. The advantage of the front lift is that it can move to a greater height (100 meters or more).Due to this, the cradle serves as an indispensable assistant in the work on finishing, construction, maintenance and repair of high-rise structures.

ZLP construction cradle

ZLP front cradles are found on construction sites around the world. They can be purchased on the website, a wide selection of these products is presented here, and the main advantage is that all products are delivered with a wide complete set of "turnkey". ZLP elevators are famous for their performance and the conquest of great heights. With the help of such construction cradles, the TV Tower was built in the city of Guangzhou, whose height is 610 meters, and the 828 meter-high skyscraper in Dubai, which is well-known throughout the world.

Main advantages of the front elevator of the ZLP series:

  • Simple design, allowing for quick assembly and installation;
  • Compact and lightweight parts;
  • Long service life. All components of the cradle are made of high-grade steel, treated, from the appearance of corrosion. The lifespan of the lift is at least 10 years;
  • The working platform is adjustable in its length;
  • Ability to work on walls with obstacles, thanks to the flight of the necessary consoles;
  • It is possible to connect electrical tools, there is a reader with a socket;
  • Controls take place on the lift itself using a special control panel;
  • Considered security levels;
  • Compliance with all modern standards.
  • The main advantage is the cost of the ZLP series cradle, it is significantly lower than that of competitors with the same parameters.

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