From the most ordinary terracotta pot can get amazing decor

Garden miniature will make any area more attractive. A small decor transforms even an abandoned piece of land, making it a romantic and mysterious place. Of course, you can purchase a pair of plaster gnomes, but it is much more interesting to make a garden miniature yourself.

You will need:

  • Large terracotta pot;
  • adhesive strong fixation;
  • pebbles or small stones;
  • Moss (can be bought in the floristry shop);
  • decor for a house

You can buy a new pot or take one that has already been used (for example, left after transplanting the plant). This house will also be a flowerbed at the same time. Prepare the soil and drainage in advance. Decor for the house (windows, doors) can be made independently, glued together from sticks or molded from plaster. But in this project, ready-made items from the store were used.Additional parts can be purchased at the miniature store or even in the children's toys department.

Moisten the pot, and then attach the individual details of the decor, thickly spread with glue.

It is important to ensure the immovability of the elements during the drying of the glue.

After the main parts are attached to the pot, you can proceed to the gluing of the walls with pebbles.

If you have a lot of pebbles, you can paste over the pot from all sides. But for this project only one side was decorated.

Interiors of the "masonry" are milled.

Magic potty house ready! It remains to fill it with soil and plant the selected plant.

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