Frame for rubber bands

It is not a secret for anyone that a harmonious development of a child requires a variety of external stimuli. In other words, the child’s intelligence should be developed, not relying on nature. This is used by numerous manufacturers of children's toys, designed to develop speech, fine motor skills, an idea of ​​the world and much more. However, the "purchased" products are no better than those you do yourself. Moreover, many of these toys require a minimum of materials. For example, a board for rezinochek, which you can stretch and get different shapes and whole pictures, can be done in 3-4 hours. Such a toy will appeal to a child and will be a good tool for developing fine motor skills, studying geometric shapes, the concept of size and basic colors.
Frame for rezinochek
In order to make such a frame, we need: • Wooden base, here the dimensions are approximately 23x29; • Buttons (about 200 pieces ); • Elastics for money (sold in the shops of the office). To make this frame, you also needed PVC glue and a two-layer napkin.The coating of the wooden base was not very good - with stains and scratches, so it was necessary to drape it.
 Wooden base
gum nails
At first stage drape a board. Separate the top, with a pattern, a layer of napkin and put on top of a wooden base. Pour glue into a small jar and apply with a brush on a napkin.
drape board
Such actions vaguely resemble decoupage. After the glue has dried and the napkin has stuck to the tree, we make the markup. To do this, you can put dots in the right places with a pencil (here they stand every 2 cm, the distance between the rows is also 2 cm).
remind decoupage
After that we press the buttons into the marked points. The effort required to secure the button at the base can be both insignificant and intensive. It all depends on the material used as the base. For example, in some cases, the button went to the very top of the hat in the board. Then it was removed with a stationery knife to the desired height. The final result is this:
 We fill nails
Everything, the frame is ready! You can try to stretch the rubber bands. First the kid will need your help to sort out the new toy. And then he will make different figures himself and delight you with his imagination.
 We stretch the elastic bands
 Frame for rubber bands
Successful to you creativity !

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