Foiemirana “Bell Ringing” Hair Bands

Plastic suede is practical in products and is not afraid of water.
 hairpieces of foamiran
For work we take materials: - fauamir of blue color 1 mm thick and yellow with glitter 2 mm thick. - scissors. - lighter. - glue "Moment." - satin ribbon 2,5 cm wide green. - a soldering iron - a piece of glass or ceramic tile - a dense blue cloth - a hair band - an oil painting of a blue color- a piece of foam rubber. First we draw a flower pattern, it looks a bit like a fan. In our blank, we make 5 petals joined together and arranged in a semicircle.
 foamiran hair bands
Because we have two rubber bands , then we cut out 6 blanks into one by template. Cut out suede 12 petals according to the pattern. Use foam rubber to paint in dark blue along the edges of all blanks on both sides.
 gum hair from foamiran
Now proceed to the processing of these petals. First of all, fold the accordion in height and stretch your fingers. Under the warmth of the hands suede becomes softer and the stock is straightened.  gum hair from foamiran
Then with a lighter on the edges of the petals we make twists . Under fire, they roll themselves into a straw. And in the middle of the workpiece, we heat with a flame and immediately make a dimple with two thumbs.
 gum hair from foamiran
In this way we prepare all the petals .
 foamiran hair bands
Now we take suede of golden color with sparkles and cut blanks for stamens. In each flower will be 3 pieces, so we need 36 blanks.The rods will be 2 cm high, 0.5 cm thick, and the top of the stamen will be square-shaped, so we cut strips 1.5 cm long and 0.8 cm wide.
Foamiran hair bands
With the help of Moment glue, we attach broad strips folded in half onto sticks.
 hair ties from foamiran
Getting Started leniyu bells from one workpiece 1 will flower. On the workpiece, we lubricate the thin strip with glue and press the second edge onto it. We get a cone with a hole in the upper part.
 hairpieces from foamiran
And in the middle of the flower we insert and fasten three stamens.
 foamiran hair bands
We make 6 bells for one rubber band.
 foam hair bands and
Now take the green tape, cut to strip the leaves. You need 6 strips of 8 and 5 cm in length. hair ties from Foamiran We take a soldering iron and a ceramic tile. Small strips are cut hot diagonally, from a corner to another corner, and two high triangles are obtained. And we fold the long green blanks in half, cut the fold, and we also cut these strips put together diagonally, but we get two short triangles connected together.
>img src="" alt="hair ties from foamiran" title="hair ties from foamiran" >
Now for one gum we prepare 2 circles of dense fabric with a diameter of 4 cm and a small strip of the same length. We take another 5 long and short green triangles.
 hairpieces of foamiran
Take the usual hairline and glue it on one of the circles on the front side. Then we add this elastic band to the base, and the second circle from the fabric is glued from below, the inside is obtained inside the circles.
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