Fleece denim boots

Who would have thought that an old denim skirt could gain a new life in the form of fashionable and very comfortable homemade fleece boots? But remaking old things is always creative. The arisen idea fascinates and seems to lead itself, it remains only to have time to implement the idea. We will not restrain our creative impulses and will immediately start working.Denim boots on fleece

To rework, you will need:

  • old jeans skirt (or trousers),
  • unnecessary home slippers with a firm sole,
  • fleece for lining,
  • paper for a pattern,
  • ruler ,
  • scissors,
  • pins,
  • thread with a needle.
To begin, make a pattern.Denim boots on fleece The template shows an example of the pattern of boots size 38-39. But it is easy to adapt to any size. It is enough to increase or decrease the size of the part №1. Try to cut it out of any other fabric and attach it to your leg,to make sure the size is consistent. Part No. 2 is the back side of the shaft, and if the leg is full, then the width of the second part can also be slightly increased. Detail number 3 is the front side of the tops, and it is very convenient to use pockets from the skirts or pants being reworked.
Denim boots on fleece
When cutting, do not forget to leave allowances for seams. Cut part number 1 for each boot and from denim and fleece. Connect them together and sew, thus warming the future product.
Denim boots on fleece
Cut off the upper part of old slippers. Sew the item # 1 along the sole of the fabric edge that runs along the sole with strong threads.
denim boots on fleece
Denim boots on fleece
Cut out the two details №2 from both materials. Connect the corresponding parts to each other.
denim boots on fleece
Denim boots on fleece
Sew on the backs of the tops of boots,they should be located on each side of parts No. 1.
denim boots on fleece
Denim boots on fleece
Unplug the pockets from the skirt (or cut out two details №3) and also warm them with fleece. Put on your shoes and pin down the front legs. Take off and put on your boots again to adjust the width of your tops you need for your own comfort.

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