The procedure for finishing work in the kitchen-studio

Currently, residential premises of the new layout have become increasingly popular. These include studios. In this article, we will look at the procedure for repairing a kitchen - a studio in a new building. Immediately we advise you to start repairing new homes after two or three years. During this time, the house will shrink, thus relieving excessive tension from the ceilings, walls and floors (evidence of this is the appearance of cracks). So, let's do it. Before you start repairs, you need to be clear about what you want to receive as a result, namely - the allocated kitchen zone combined with the room for meals and rest. To this end, we recommend inviting experts who have experience in conducting such work. Also, before starting the repair, it is necessary to coordinate all the nuances with the company that will install kitchen furniture (locations and number of outlets, switches, lighting elements, hoods, etc.). When all issues are agreed,We start to repair. To begin with, we remove old wallpaper, to simplify this procedure, they should be moistened with plenty of water, preferably with warm water and dishwashing detergent (the foam formed in such a solution will not allow the wallpaper to dry quickly, so they will remain moist for a longer time). You should wait about ten minutes and with the help of a spatula you can begin to remove the wallpaper. The next step will be the installation of new electrical wiring for outlets and lighting elements.
The order of finishing works in the kitchen studio
All cables are hidden in the walls, and those that are stretched across the ceiling will be covered with a suspended gypsum plasterboard.
The order of finishing works in the studio kitchen
All sewer and water pipes are also closed with a box from the GKL. The order of finishing work in the kitchen studio
Classic kitchen apron of course the ceramic tiles. Before the beginning of the tiling, the walls are primed, then are laid out according to the plan of installation of kitchen furniture and only then are revetted.
The order of finishing works in the studio kitchen
The floor of the kitchen area was decided to be made of granite.An excellent choice, but this is in itself a cold material and for greater comfort it is better to mount a warm floor under the tile.
The order of finishing works in the kitchen of the studio
After the completion of laying the floor tiles, we begin the work on wallpapering the walls.
The order of finishing works in the kitchen studio
In this case, for painting. The walls are putty, putty, primed and .... it's time to install the stretch ceiling in the rest area with further connection of the chandelier. Only after these works are wallpaper stuck on the walls and the next day they are painted twice (in this case with water-based paint). The suspended ceiling of the kitchen area is also painted out, only the white color and lighting elements are mounted in it.
The order of finishing works in the kitchen studio
It remains to lay the laminate on the floor of the recreation area. It is recommended that before starting work, thoroughly clean the base of the floor from debris and dust and thoroughly cover with deep penetration primer. Next is the laminate flooring and installation of floor baseboards. Like all the work is completed, but one problem emerged ...., the level of the tiled floor turned out to be higher than the level of the laminate.All this is solved by mounting a metal spacing between multi-level floors.
The order of finishing works in the kitchen studio
Everything, as a result, we got a fresh, modern room, ready for the installation of kitchen furniture.
The order of finishing works in the kitchen studio
Do not forget that the execution of work on the repair of premises has its own sequence. Usually, finishing work is done from top to bottom (ceiling, walls, floor), meaning that all the preparatory work has already been completed.
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