Features Scandinavian style in the interior

Scandinavian design in a modern interior is becoming increasingly popular. It has its own peculiarities and subtleties of selecting details for each room, which is very important to know about.

Features of the materials and textures used

The main advantage and distinguishing feature of Scandinavian style is the predominance of a large amount of light and free space. The preferred colors are pastel colors. In this case, for each individual room, this style will be applicable to its special characteristics, individual selection of fabrics, materials and textures. For example, from materials, preference is given to wood, stone and ceramics.

Nordic design is famous for the fact that it is capable of combining clearly incompatible elements. Here, natural textures are combined with glossy magazines, and designers can create an ideal image, which is a composition of expensive ceramic tiles and rough rough wood.

Scandinavian style in the kitchen interior

Scandinavian cuisine is simple and brilliant at the same time. Here each item has its own, special place. All kitchen utensils, jars, pans and other utensils are safely hidden behind the doors of mirrors or glass.

A classical decision of the facade is considered to be white color or finish "under the tree." The kitchen apron is also made in white colors and ceramic tiles.

It would seem that the image is boring, monotonous and stereotyped. However, with a skillful game of contrasts, the introduction of bright, rich colors into the interior, the dull room turns into something beautiful and modern.

An important element for the kitchen is a large amount of light. And here you should not rely solely on daylight - the abundance of artificial lighting for the Scandinavians is a usual thing. This can be wall sconces, lights, located on the kitchen, as well as any other design ideas.

Kitchen Scandinavian style does not welcome the textile finishing of windows. Realities show that without curtains and curtains, sometimes you can not do. Therefore, the main rule is to abandon frills, ruffle and give preference to monotonous, roller or roman blinds.

Scandinavian style in the bedroom

The Nordic bedroom is a solid light, comfort and light again. Even tones are dominated by white, beige and other pastel shades.

The predominance of white is usually diluted with other tones. The walls of the room must be painted in one color - cream, ivory, white, gray or ayvor. However, in the rest room it is permissible to trim one of the walls (usually choose the one that is located at the head of the bed) with wallpaper. Their choice should be based on models in which the floral ornament or geometric patterns will prevail.

If there are exceptions for walls, then the floors in this style must necessarily be made of wood. It is permissible to use for their decoration stylized raw board materials. Many designers prefer herringbone parquet. You will not be mistaken if you use zigzag motifs in the textile design of the bedroom - curtains, curtains, pillows, napkins.

Scandinavian style in the guest room

Here, as in other rooms, there must be a lot of light. To do this, use curtains of translucent fabrics and not to neglect the additional lighting and lighting - floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps.

To choose the right lamp, you should pay attention to the metal or glass model of a simple design. Originality can be added to the image by Edison's floor lamps, which are hung with the help of cords, and which are commonly referred to as retro style.

To add warm notes to the overall image, furniture for the living room, made in the Scandinavian style, it is customary to choose warm wood motifs. Upholstery of such furniture is most often made of bright fabrics, the colors of which can also be found on rugs, rugs.

An attractive addition to the interior will be a fireplace, the lining of which can be made of white tile, brick or large wooden beams. The latter variants are usually used when the Scandinavian style has a country style.

Scandinavian style for the children's room

The child's room, made in the Scandinavian style, is the most loyal and convenient in matters of retreat from its classical motifs. Here the notes of mischief and merriment are permissible. In addition, even for a budget version of a children's room, the Scandinavian style can be done no worse than it is depicted on the covers of expensive glossy magazines.

The Scandinavian style in the nursery is a parade of bright, saturated colors and colors.Here you can use unusual and fun prints. However, furniture is even more preferable to use wood - it is environmentally friendly. Her colors are also decided to choose bright and colorful.

Do not forget about the creative corner for the child. For its decoration, you can use a variety of options:

  • multi-colored wicker mats;
  • light table for sculpting or drawing;
  • bright chairs: pink, light green, lemon and others, in contrast with the table, shades.

The walls of the room can be decorated with pictures of animals and favorite fairy-tale heroes framed by wooden frames. In another corner, you can put the wigwam, the fabric for which is selected in Indian motifs.

As for curtains, their length is preferable to choose to the window sill and equip the curtains with lifting mechanisms. Roman blinds are best suited, the fabric of which should have a simple ornament. If the child is older, it is permissible to use a classic style.

For a perfect finish of the image, it will be extremely successful to select the rest of the room's textiles to match the curtains - decorated pillows, plaids or bedspreads.So you can achieve the integrity of the overall image of the Scandinavian interior.

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