Fashionable highlight on blonde hair


The fact that blondes are ahead of brunettes in the battle for men's attention is a scientific fact. Become even brighter and seductive blond beauty will help melirovanie on light curls. This is a gentle procedure that involves dyeing part of the strands. It allows you to create spectacular images thanks to a variety of performance techniques and a variety of shades.

Fashionable highlights

Happy owners of light hair can experiment with different options for highlighting.


It is always at the peak of popularity. The upper strands are uniformly painted along the entire length, while their width can vary. The rest of the hair retains its original color. Best of all it looks thick highlights on thin curls, it is also the most time consuming for the master.


This is a delicate bleaching of hair on one - four tones. Apply gentle shades of blond, warm or cold. Suitable for girls with light brown hair. Its main feature is the use of sparing bezammia paints based on wax.After such highlighting the hair becomes silky and shiny.

Fashionable highlight on blonde hair


Burning out under the hot sun, the hair of Californian beauties acquire a beautiful caramel color. This observation prompted American stylists to create a new kind of highlighting, popular among Hollywood stars. For him apply sparing preparations based on wax, which allows not to worry about the state of hair.

Strands are painted over the entire length in natural colors - beige, walnut, coffee, honey, brandy, wheat, sand and others. It is noteworthy that the usual foil or thermal film is not required. The master paints strands randomly, applying up to 5 shades and not affecting the root zone. After mixing with the rest of the hair, you get a natural, natural color with no bright borders.


Invented specifically for light-brown women. Looks on long and short hairstyles. Individual strands are lightened and then tinted with selected shades. The main goal is not to change the natural color of the hair, but to emphasize it.

It turns out an interesting multi-colored highlights.Roots usually do not stain, which looks natural. Subsequent correction is carried out once every 4 months, and sometimes even once every six months.


This type of highlighting is preferred by lovers of short hairstyles. With the help of foil, the tips of the hair are stained in contrasting shades. Get spectacular, conspicuous transitions. The colors are often used non-standard - light green, purple, blue.

Fashionable highlight on blonde hair


If a woman visits several hairdressers or misses the prescribed procedures, the hair may be painted in different tones. A frequent problem is when the roots are darker than the curls, which is why the hairstyle looks messy. Especially for these purposes, reverse highlighting was invented.

Depending on the natural color of hair, their condition, the radical zone is clarified or discolored. For other hair coloring techniques are used. Curls stained in the original, native color.

Some ladies prefer a combination of light and dark tones. To achieve this effect, one strand is dyed dark and the other is brightened. Light-blond beauties are usually picked honey, wheat or golden hues.

Highlighting: advantages

Highlighting on blond hair is a demanded procedure. There are several reasons for this:

Less harm to the hair, because the main part of the hair paint is not processed.
In addition, blond hair does not need to discolor, as opposed to dark. Therefore, the natural pigmentation is not burned.
Highlighting looks good on any head, regardless of the length and quality of the hair, as well as the chosen haircut. The main thing is to trust the professional.
You do not need to visit the hairdresser every month to refresh the color. It is enough to come to the master once every two or three months. At the same time, the growing roots are natural.
Suitable for women who want to return to their native hair color.
Sparse and thin hair after highlighting look more voluminous.
Perfectly masked gray.
Thanks to highlighting a woman looks younger and fresher.

Highlighting: disadvantages

However, this procedure has some drawbacks that should be remembered.

Not suitable for hair damaged by other procedures, brittle, split.
High cost, if you turn to professionals.In salons, highlighting on average will cost from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles.
The procedure itself takes you at least 2 hours.
If the result is unsuccessful, it will be difficult to correct the situation.
Any drugs, even the most benign, have a bad effect on the condition of the strands. Therefore, there may be problems with combing and styling hair. In any case, the hair will require additional care.

Highlighting technologies used in salons

Girls who dream of fashionable highlighting, it is better to trust a professional.

An experienced master will be able to correctly assess the condition of the hair, their original shade, select the correct color nuances for your hair, and also select the optimal method of applying the dye.

With the use of foil

The classic method used for long hair. The foil is cut into strips, enclosed under the selected curls. Paint is applied with a special brush. Then the foil is folded and secured with clips. It is important that the width of the streaks be the same.

After aging, each strand is rinsed separately, alternately turning the foil. This allows you not to paint nearby lying strands, and also to withstand the paint on all ringlets the same amount of time.

Fashionable highlight on blonde hair

With the help of a rubber cap

Suitable for short hairstyles.A hat with a lot of holes is required. Usually they are staggered. Through them crochet or comb, the barber pulls out strands that will be painted.

The composition is applied with a brush according to the instructions. Rinse the paint without removing the cap. And only after that they wash the whole head with the application of a special balm.

Highlighting comb

The main tool is a comb with sparse, wide teeth. We dip it into the solution and run it through the combed hair. It is important that the head is dry and unwashed. Clear color transitions between the curls will not work, but you get a great California highlight.

Do it yourself

The paint is applied to the strands with your fingers or a paint brush. This technique has 2 subspecies:

Glazing. Designed for short haircuts. The hairstyle is fixed with mousse, then the chosen color is applied with fingers. The procedure is repeated 3 or 4 times at regular intervals.
Frost. Used for dyeing wavy curls. Gives the hair shine, dynamics and volume. Hair urinate, then dry head down. The coloring composition is gently applied with your fingers, reproducing the natural movement of the strands.

Home highlighting

Make highlighting is preferable in a professional salon with an experienced master, because it requires experience and skill. But in the case of constrained budget or other reasons, you can experiment at home. In order not to be disappointed in the result, you should prepare everything you need in advance and study the chosen technique.

You will need:

Cape or towel to protect from stains clothing;
container of glass or plastic, which will be paint;
paint brush;
special balm.

Fashionable highlight on blonde hair

You can buy ready-made sets for highlights. They are completed with a silicone hat, foil or thermal paper, as well as other necessary tools.

Special attention should be paid to the choice of the dye. Take the most gentle. The shade may differ from the natural hair color by 3 levels. For a cold blond, the right choice would be ashy tones, for a warm one - golden.

Young girls can afford dark shades at the ends of curls. This will give them an image of brightness and expressiveness. It is dangerous to dim strands near the face, often it looks unnatural.

If there is no experience, it is better to choose one shade for highlighting. The combination of several colors is a complex technique that a beginner can hardly cope with.

Attention! If the hair is dyed or discolored, there is a great risk of "burning" them or getting an unexpected shade at the output, in this case it is recommended to go to the salon or wait a week.

Technique of execution

It is better to have an assistant at hand, because it is difficult to apply dye to your hair. Otherwise, the two mirrors are installed opposite each other. A man sits between them so that he can see all the patches on his head.

More often for home melirovaniya choose two ways: through the cap and with the help of foil. It is important to paint the strands evenly, otherwise ugly transitions will remain.

For those who doubt their skills, there is another easy technology: using rubber bands. The hair is divided into zones: the occipital and lateral. Then small tails are made. The coloring composition is applied to the strands. If you put it on the tips, you get the effect of fashionable "feathers." When flushing paint gum remain on the head.

For curly girls an interesting option - "pigtail" highlighting.It allows you to create spectacular highlights on your hair. First you need to braid a lot of braids, and then paint over the top part from the beginning of the pigtail to the end. Having sustained the right time, rinse off the composition, spread the hair and rinse again.

It is not recommended to use highlighting without a skill, using a comb, as well as your own fingers. Although they seem easy, the result is often sad.

Fashionable highlight on blonde hair

Precautionary measures

Highlighting should be postponed if there are sores or inflammations on the head.
It is better to apply the compositions of the same manufacturer to the already colored hair.
Buying paint, do not forget to do a skin test for the presence of an allergic reaction.
Keep the paint on your head for as long as it is written in the instructions. Do not leave it on the hair for more than 45 minutes.
Immediately interrupt the procedure if you feel a burning sensation on the head.
When re-highlighting the coloring composition is applied only to regrown roots. Before washing it is distributed over the rest of the hair for a few minutes, aligning the color.

Hair Care Tips

After the procedure, the curls need three things:

restoration of the structure;
preservation of saturated color.

Ensuring it is not so difficult. From a hairdresser or a cosmetic store, buy products specifically designed for this.

You should start with the selection of shampoo for melirovannyh hair. Find a product made on a plant basis, without the use of ammonium, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. It is recommended to wash your hair with this shampoo 1 time in 7 days, and then the shades will remain as bright for a long time as on the first day.

If the scalp is oily, too sensitive, or there are other problems, a special shampoo is used for the first time after the procedure. Later, masks or indelible fluids are applied instead.

It is important to restore the structure of the dried fibers. Then come to the aid of masks for damaged hair. They should be applied once or twice a week. Well help mask based on cosmetic oils.

The oils themselves can also be applied to the scalp (burdock, almond, coconut, from wheat germ). This is done an hour before washing. Or make a homemade mask of yolks with olive oil, kefir, fruit (kiwi mix with a half orange, grapefruit or banana to choose from).As a conditioner useful chamomile decoction, calendula.

Fashionable highlight on blonde hair

Prevention measures to keep in mind

These simple rules should be followed by all women. All the more so if your hair has undergone a highlighting procedure and needs extra care.

Wash your head with warm water. To make the curls shine, at the end pour cold water on them.
Buy a massage brush, massage the scalp for 10 minutes a day.
In the summer, protect your strands from the sun by wearing a hat. In addition, there are special tools from ultraviolet radiation that are applied to the hair.
Limit the use of hair dryers, ironing and curling. Streaked hair is very sensitive to elevated temperatures. Take time to dry your head in a natural way. In extreme cases, carefully wipe the curls with a towel, and then select a gentle cold air.

Highlighting on blond hair with the right approach will help a woman create a new, fashionable image. It is suitable for everyone, does not require fundamental changes, has many interesting modifications. When referring to an experienced master the risk of damage to the hair is minimal.That is why this procedure remains popular among the fair sex.

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