Fans worried that Daria Pinzar is bald

The ex-member of Doma-2 really looks weird.

The fact that Dasha Pynzar is a real beauty is difficult to dispute. To many, it resembles a Barbie doll. A gorgeous figure, a snow-white smile, perfect skin, beautiful hair ... Although it seems that the girl has a problem with her hair. At least, most of her subscribers thought so when they saw the last photo.

Daria Pynzar
Photo: @ darya_pinzar86

More recently, Daria decided to change her luxurious honey shade to a very light blond. And it seems in vain. The hair seemed to have lost volume, and on the forehead with such a hairstyle, balding hairs really appeared.

Yes, the color itself didn’t please Dasa’s fantasies: too white, unnatural - greetings from zero. After all, natural shades are now in fashion: honey, caramel, wheat, well, and from the cold - “strawberry” blond.

Nevertheless, Pynzar should be more careful with staining, especially with such a dramatic clarification. This is clearly not good for the hair.Meanwhile, although everyone believes that alopecia is a male disease, in fact, it can also affect the fair sex. Only in women, this is not manifested evenly over the entire head, but locally, most often on the forehead and temples. Even the stars are not immune from this disease and do not always rush to trichologists for help.

For example, apoletion suffersLady Gaga, and this is not at all surprising, because after her experiments with hair it is strange that she is not bald at all. But atJennifer LopezAlopecia began in the forehead area. The actress’s hairline began to move farther and farther away. This is evidenced by the hair that grows on her forehead a small island.

Tyra Banksalso suffered from baldness for a long time. Yes, and very youngAriana Grande, surprisingly, also "lit" the presence of bald patches.

We collected photos of balding celebrities in the same gallery.

Date: 10.10.2018, 16:27 / Views: 55281

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