Fabric Handbag for Cosmetics

Fabric handbag for cosmetics- a small fabric handbag, a light handbag, light and comfortable. Perfect for storing cosmetics or various small things.

Materials and tools:

  1. fabric;
  2. threads;
  3. zipper;
  4. patchwork mat;
  5. ruler and knife;
  6. large beads;
  7. needles, pins, marker.

Step 1

Cut out a square motif from a fabric with a sewing machine. From the two other companion fabrics, cut two similar squares for the inside of the bag, i.e. for lining.

Place a small sheet of non-woven under the fabric. Carefully straighten it so that there are no folds. Such a simple technique will help make the bag more durable.

With large stitches, embroider items with coils, threaded thread on the sewing machine, etc. Needles and pins in the needle are embroidered with metallic threads. Laying stitches, grasp non-woven fabric.

The back of the bag sew in patchwork style.To do this, cut companion fabrics into 7 cm wide strips.

Step 2

Sew the strips between each other and smooth them well, straightening the folds left for the seam allowance.

Cut the resulting web perpendicular to the seams into strips 7 cm wide. Then move the strips in different directions.

Again, sew the bands together, iron. Lay a zigzag stitch over the seams using threads of different colors. The back of the bag is ready.

Sew a zipper to the outside of the bag, and then to the inside. Sew a handbag on the gauge, and then turn out the product and flatten the corners.

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