Eyelet Curtains: Basic Design Concepts

Many people know the laces, with which you can tighten the top of a hiking backpack, this method of closing is used in some models of women's bags. But for the suspension of curtains, where the role of lace plays a girder cornice, this method is undeservedly rarely used. Nevertheless, in fashion design magazines you can find curtains on the grommet (rings) and they look very worthy. Moreover, the canopy on wooden, plastic or steel rings allows you to freely curtain and open the curtains without the risk of damaging expensive material.

Curtains on the grommets are made of thick fabrics, where the texture supports vertical folds. Rings can be small, only 2 cm in diameter, and their role is reduced to ease of use. Larger grommets up to 6 cm will carry a design load, so these products are selected not only by material, but also by color.For example, the window is decorated with a metallic-colored cornice, which means that it is better to choose silver-colored rings. If the grommets are not visible because they are hidden behind the ceiling, then the choice of ring mounts does not play a special role.

Equipping curtains with eyelets is a task for professionals whose work can be assessed on the site. It can not be said that the ring fixture is intended solely for the children's room or for the bedroom, such interior refinement is considered universal. It is perfect for living room and kitchen, and strict single-color versions of curtains will be an excellent interior solution for offices and offices. The simplicity and convenience of the design will be appreciated in hotel rooms and even in restaurants, where with the help of grommets, you can arrange separate cabins for visitors. Attachments of this type can be used for canopies.

The curtains on the grommet can be single-layer and two-layer. This implies the use of several guide elements that will not allow fabrics to spoil the clear geometry of the folds. For questions about the curtains on the rings, you can refer to specialists who will appreciate the room, the features of the window and lighting.

The choice of curtains is a fascinating process in which you can use different fabrics, accessories and models, both supporting general harmony and creating a contrasting impression. A design contribution is the provision of sketches, and then the masters of a sewing needle and typewriter work.

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