Exit tire, who uses?

Who used the off-site tire service? Long waited for the arrival of the brigade? The last time, when the wheel was punched, I drove an hour to the service station, and then stood in line for 2 hours. I drove to work after lunch. Maybe it's time to switch to this service?
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Answered on February 3 01:55
I have not tried, I always try to get to my station; there they serve me without a queue. But the idea is good, especially if you are in a hurry, but there are also traffic jams on the roads ...
Answered on February 3 02:01
I have already recorded the phone brigade mobile field trip to my girlfriend in the phone. And then she always reacts strongly to any incident, and she drives frequently. Now I am calm, what if there is help, and I will not need to get out of work and go through the whole of Moscow. If you are in Moscow or the region, then maybe you will need, for example, tire service at Domodedovo, now look,
Answered on February 3 02:06
I once called, arrived quickly, no more than 20-30 minutes.Then after 20 minutes they changed the wheel, and that’s it, I drove on. And in terms of the amount did not seem much.

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