English Chocolate Cake

English Chocolate Cake
This recipe is a step-by-step description of a very simple and very inexpensive cake. And although the cake is primarily chocolate, with each new preparation you can make it unique by adding candied fruits and nuts, raisins and dried apricots, various chocolates with any fillings. In order to make an English chocolate cake, you will need the following ingredients. First of all, check the home availability of the basis of the dough - wheat flour. For a pie, you need to have at least two glasses, and this is about 320 grams. In addition, the recipe uses two eggs and 250 grams of sugar. It will also be used packaging of butter or margarine for baking - a full 200 grams. The following will be used as an additive to the dough: cocoa - a quarter cup, that is, about 50 grams, 2 teaspoons of baking powder and vanillin - if desired, I took three small packages.In unlimited quantities, you can add fillers - nuts (preferably almonds or hazelnuts, pre-grind), raisins and other similar additives. And, finally, the main feature of the recipe is chocolate (150 grams) and milk - 150 milliliters. You can take any chocolate (as you can see from the photo, the air was used), but, I will tell you a secret, the most suitable chocolate for this cake is with mint crunchy caramel flakes. If there is one in your bins - no doubt, use it.
English chocolate cupcake
From cooking devices you will need: a frying pan (melt butter), a sieve (sift flour), a bowl (mix dough), a spoon (in all points), a shape (for baking), a brush (smearing butter), a cup (pouring raisins), a kettle (heating water to pour raisins), a Turk (melting chocolate). So is everything in stock? So you can proceed! First of all, you need to put the margarine / butter in the pan and put on the minimum heat - melt. We put a kettle on the next burner and wait for it to boil. As soon as the kettle boils, pour the raisins into a cup, pour water over it, put it where no one looks like it. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="English chocolate cake">
Pour sand into a bowl for dough, break eggs, mix. English chocolate cake All this time, the oil slowly melts slowly on the fire. And while there is time - sift the flour, then pour the baking powder and vanillin, mix. English chocolate cake We pour out the cocoa and mix very carefully.
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