Embroidery on the eggshell is an original art that knows no equal.

Eggshell is an extremely thin and fragile material, and therefore it is usually used during the creation of paintings or sculptures. However, there are masters of filigree work, who by their example prove that even with a fragile eggshell one can work in various directions and create incredible works of art. Elizabeth Klein, a French craftswoman, decided to embroider on an egg-shell - and, it should be noted, she is very, very good at it.

For her crafts, the craftswoman takes clean chicken eggs, freed from the yolk and protein through small holes. Then she outlines the approximate points - the holes through which she will sew shells on the shells. This is a very delicate work: too much pressure or too fast work with a needle can simply break the fragile eggshell.Elizabeth Klein endures this very facet, creating the delightful beauty of “Faberge embroidered eggs”:

Elizabeth embroider a wide variety of drawings and creates "embroidered Faberge eggs" for various holidays: New Year, Easter, March 8, Birthday, etc. Her work can be called "poetry on an egg," or rather, on the thinnest shell.

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