Embroidered lid for jars with jam

Embroidered lids for jars of jam- jars of jam and pickles, covered with embroidered napkins and tied with lace ribbons, is a real symbol of comfort and warmth of the hearth.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. linen linen in natural color with white polka dots 25x25cm;
  3. cotton fabric backdrop cream 25x25cm;
  4. white cotton braid width 1.5cm, length 76cm


Step 1


Whichever of the three designs you choose, they are all embroidered the same way. Roll the linen flap in half to find the center, and start embroidering from this point. All the stitches are crossed in two strands of a floss through two strands of linen fabric.

After completing all the full stitches, proceed to embroidering the details with the "back needle" stitches. They are indicated in the key and marked on the scheme with lines of different colors.Make sure that you have chosen the right colors for the design that you are embroidering.

Step 2

Making lids for jars with jam

Place the template over the seamy side of the linen with embroidery in the center, circle it with a pencil. It is important that the design is located exactly in the center of the finished lid, so accurately conduct the measurements before cutting the fabric.

Now take a cotton fabric for the backdrop, make a small fold of 1.5 cm in size along the entire center and press it so that it does not dissolve. In this crease, make an 8 cm long slit - later you will need it to turn the lid on the front side.

Fold the pieces of linen and cotton fabric face to face, make sure the fold is left in place. Sew carefully along the pencil line.

Cut the linen and cotton fabric about 6 mm back from the stitching line, then unscrew the cap on the front side through the previously cut hole.

Press off the cap and sew a fold in a stitch along the entire length of the fold from the inside of the cap.

When performing small neat stitches, sew a white braid around the perimeter, bending the short ends and joining them overlapping in the place where they join.

Place the lid with the design in the center on a jar of jam and secure with elastic tape. To make the finished cap look even better, take the same tape or any other suitable one and tie it to the jar on top of the elastic tape.

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