Eggplant rolls with nuts! One of the easiest and most delicious quick snacks

All kinds of dishes wrapped in rolls and rolls, always enjoy high popularity. Indeed, they look more appetizing and taste different excellent. Especially if it's eggplant rolls. Delicate walnut-garlic filling gives the dish a piquancy and sharpness, juiciness and delicate taste add snack also sour cream and tomatoes. The dish turns out very tasty, and is prepared simply.



eggplant 2 pcs.
garlic 5 denticles
fresh cilantro 1 bundle
walnuts 50 g
almonds 50 g
hazelnut 50 g
natural yoghurt 2 tbsp. l.
salt 1 pinch
olive oil 2 tbsp. l.

balada cu 3 iez

Eggplant cut into thin plastics.


Fry in olive oil on both sides for 1 minute.

Grind the nuts.
Add garlic and cilantro to the nuts (or any other greens), mix, add yogurt (or mayonnaise), salt a little to taste.


Apply the nut filling to the eggplant slice and roll up the roll.Secure with a wooden skewer.

When serving, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and decorate with greens.

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