Educational games with pom-poms

Developing games with pompoms.

For classes with kids you need to use interesting, colorful, unusual texture of the material, according to supporters of the Montessori method. Indeed, playing with objects that the child likes and according to external data, and to the touch, you can achieve much more significant results. When a child uses a benefit that arouses his interest, he will be more concentrated and less distracted by extraneous things.

If we learn colors with a baby, we must connect not only visual, but also tactile analyzers to the work. It's very good to do this while playing with multicolored pom-poms.

Pom-poms for classes you can buy in a store, tie or make of threads. Younger children are better to give fairly large knitted pompoms, which are safer if the baby shoves them in his mouth. It is desirable that the pompoms should be the same size as the colored circles in the pictures.

educational games

developing games

With older children, we use smaller shaggy pompons. The method of training is similar, but there may be different variations. For example, ask the child to make a blue caterpillar of nine pompoms. Doing such a task not only reinforces the knowledge of colors and skills of counting, but also develops independence and concentration, as well as the ability to act according to the instructions.

You can include exercises with pom-poms in your preschooler’s studies at home. However, for children of this age, the game must be made more difficult. Try offering the child to fold a caterpillar out of pom-poms, and then use stamps, a wide brush and colored pencils to draw it on paper.

 educational games 1

educational games 1

 development games 2

development games 2

Thus, you will consolidate the skill of depicting real things on planes and practice fingers ru .

 educational games 3

educational games 3

Come up with various game options, improvise as you go,and pompons will bring great benefits and a lot of positive impressions to your child.

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