Machine from a drill

A practical and very simple machine tool based on an electric drill. It is designed for processing wood and plastics: it allows cutting logs, boards, plywood, plexiglas and textolite, sawing slats and shaped trims, milling grooves, turning wooden products, polishing surfaces, drilling holes, sharpening drills, chisels and other cutting tools. The small size and weight of the machine, the simplicity of the device and its use make it suitable for school classrooms and carpentry workshops, laboratories of children's technical stations and houses of creativity.
The machine consists of a wooden base, U-shaped base, fixed front and movable back attendants. Its drive is a commercially available electric drill IE1032-1 with a chuck for fastening drills with a diameter of up to 9 mm. The electric motor of the drill is powered from the mains voltage of 220 V, develops about 940 rev / min. The machine turns into a circular saw as follows. In the bracket of the fixed headstock, fix the electric drill.In its cartridge clamp one end of the mandrel, and the other is fixed with the help of the tailstock and a rotating center. Install the lifting table together with the movable ruler and guard rail.
Fig.1 The appearance of the drill machine is with a circular saw.
Pic. 2. The device of the drill machine with a circular saw: Pnly, 6 - lifting table, 7 - saw, 8 - safety fence, 9 - bracket with a ruler, 10 - rotating center, 11 - tailstock.
movable and swivel ruler provides rectangular and oblique slats and bars. Lifting table facilitates the manufacture of corners, as well as cuts and grooves in the bars. On the machine, you can cut slats from 2 to 50 mm thick and from 2 to 120 mm wide, both from wood and plastic.
In the latter case, as a saw use a small tooth cutter.
It is easy to convert a circular saw into a lathe on a tree. To do this, remove the table and mandrel, in the drill chuck clamp mandrel with teeth, and on the frame fix the support for knives or chisels.At the same time, make sure that the upper part of the support bracket is at the level of the center of the tailstock.
Fig.3 The appearance of the drill lathe.
Pic. 4. The device of the lathe from the drill:
1 - jagged mandrel, 2-angle bracket, 3 - bracket.
After setting up the machine, a wooden workpiece is firmly clamped between the toothed mandrel and the rotating center, which is first prepared by grinding with a semicircular chisel, and then machined with a beveled cutting tool. In the course of work, they ensure that the distance between the support and the part does not exceed 5 mm for the convenience of working with the tool.
As a lathe, you can make, for example, tool handles , as well as turning details of various configurations.
Finally, another transformation of the machine is into a drill. To do this, it is necessary to remove the fixed movable angle, the center and the gear mandrel; clamp the drill into the drill chuck, and insert a fungus into the tailstock instead of the center. The installation distance between the tailstock with the fungus and the drill must match the thickness of the part.
Fig.5.The appearance of the drilling machine from the drill.
Fig. Drilling machine from a drill:
1- drill, 2 fungus.
Source:   F. Proksch and B.

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