Drawings on the walls of the kitchen: create comfort

The kitchen is the place where we spend most of our time. Therefore, today we want to offer you to add a little aesthetics to the kitchen. And this is not about a new tile or wallpaper, but about artistic painting that will add magic to your own kitchen.

Wall decoration kitchen

The painting on the wall performs a decorative function and masks surface defects.

The master can paint the wall on the spot or mount the finished canvas with the image on the wall.

To add style to the interior of the kitchen, it is not necessary to use paints and stencils; you can also find a sticker with a beautiful image.

A stylish option for coffee lovers

And this picture looks like a 3D picture.

Funny stencils for animal lovers

How to put a picture on the wall

It is possible to carry out drawings on the walls with your own hands with water-based and oil paints. For the kitchen fit alkyd and acrylic, they are not afraid of moisture. Tools traditionally serve as sponges, brushes, airbrushes and stencils.

1. To start, choose a simple pattern that you want to decorate the kitchen space.

2Then it is necessary to level the surface of the wall and cover it with water-based paint.

3. Prepare tools for painting and start creating your masterpiece. Important: the contours of the picture can be made with colored pencils.

Stamps and stencils

Stencils are widely used for decorating surfaces. If desired, and skill with a stencil, you can make volumetric drawings of butterflies, cats, flowers and much more. Stamps and stencils can be found in any hardware store.

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