Dove of Peace: DIY Hand Made May 1

A dove of peace, made from paper with his own hands on the eve of May Day, will tell the children about this holiday, which was created in order to unite everyone who was ready to work for the good of his country. How to make a handwork dove of peace on May 1 with your own hands?

A fairly simple hand-made article “Dove of Peace” can be made with your own hands from thick white paper or white double-sided cardboard.

Dove of Peace: DIY hand-made article on May 1

All you need to create it is a template that is easy to draw and cut on a simple paper sheet. The template is a silhouette of two doves, with their backs seated close to each other. To draw such doves, fold the paper in half, draw one pigeon, and then unfold the drawing. Template is ready! Following the same principle, make a pattern of wings that should look like a fan in appearance.

Date: 22.10.2018, 20:21 / Views: 83354

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