DIY Ladybug Crafts for Kindergarten

Ladybug from disposable plates is a great idea for co-creation with young children, even those who have not yet learned how to perfectly manage their pens.

It’s quite simple to make this funny hack, and the child can do the work independently, so you can use the idea to work in a kindergarten.

The custom-made craft “Ladybug” with your own hands for the kindergarten is relevant because it allows you to learn new techniques of work and develop the skill of children's fingers and hands .

 Do-it-yourself ladybug for kindergarten

Do-it-yourself ladybug for kindergarten

What you need to prepare:

  • disposable plates (you can immediately cut them in half);
  • white cardboard small cups;
  • small toy eyes;
  • black enough thick threads;
  • scotch;
  • round die - we make it ourselves,attaching a round piece of foam rubber sponge or a school eraser to a wooden stick (pencil);
  • red and black paint;
  • black paper wire or blue wire;
  • water;
  • thick brush;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

Getting Started.

We paint the half of a disposable plate in red by placing a large sheet of waste paper under it (to protect the table from paint).

We paint the half of the disposable plate

While it dries, we paint the black white cardboard circle (head) .

 We paint the head with black

We paint the head with black

We put black on the red surface of the plate the specks with the help of a stamp are like dots on the body of a ladybug.

 Put a stamp black dots

Put a stamp black dots

After the paint dries, we fix black threads on the back of the plate with scotch tape - like legs.On the back of the black circle (head) fix two pieces of black wire - this will be the antennae.

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