Diana Arbenina is preparing for the 25th anniversary

On February 2, on the stage of the Voronezh Concert Hall, the cult Russian group Night Snipers will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a grandiose concert.
Diana Arbenina
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“Night Snipers” have reached their high point in a state of absolute youth and absolute high from this life, ”says group leader Diana Arbenina. The 25th anniversary of the cult group decided to celebrate in a big way. The specially prepared program for the anniversary world tour includes favorite hits, as well as new compositions. By the way, Diana Arbenina, the undisputed leader of the team, admitted that she is preparing several surprises for fans at once for the 25th anniversary: ​​a video clip for the song “Sad People” and the album The Best, which will feature hits by “Snipers” in new arrangements. “I got used to the fact that my songs are taken apart into molecules, and even learned to treat it calmly,” Diana argues. - But when I wrote them, I put a completely different meaning. It happens when I see what meanings people put in the songs I wrote, it amuses me.I understand that everyone finds in my work something for himself and something of his own. ”

By the way, Arbenina herself has repeatedly admitted that she is a fan of Russian rock of the 80s. “I'm a fan of Vyacheslav Butusov,” says the artist. - I like from beginning to end all his musical lines, experiments, all periods of his life. Only in this sense, I understand what a fan is. But my fanaticism is “smart”, because we even sang with him. But to come and ask him for an autograph - this was not. The only person I asked for an autograph is Maya Plisetskaya. We were with her in the same company, at one point I grabbed her hand and we, even without knowing each other, as if we took off on several flights in the House of Composers in St. Petersburg. We were standing behind the closet, and suddenly I sang one song to her. She told me important words, then signed the book. It was the only time that I decided that this autograph was really important to me. ”

Startat 19.00. Tel. (473) 257-58-01

The age limit is 12+.

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