Device for soldering wire twists

Anyone who has soldered strands in a junction box at home knows what it means: standing on a stool, trying to solder the connection at a height with a soldering iron. Shedding the whole floor with solder is still half the trouble, here the main thing is not to get burned, since it is very inconvenient to make a spike. It is for such purposes that I recommend making a simple device with which you can quickly and very qualitatively weld the twines at a height.
Device for soldering wire twists

It will take

The design contains a minimum of details. For construction, you need to take:
  • Gas burner with a gas cylinder.
  • Stationery clip.
  • Hairpin.
  • Four nuts for studs.
  • Copper tip.
Device for soldering wire twists

Making a device for quick soldering

I show you the finished copy and tell you in words how to make it.Repeating it is not difficult, so you can easily understand everything. The studs in stores are sold about a meter long, so you need to cut a 15 cm length with a hacksaw.
Solder for twisting wires
Next, drill a hole in the center of the clerical clip for the pin diameter.
Device for soldering wire twists
Bend the pin at a 90 degree angle, it is convenient to use a vice for this. And screw the nut onto one end, put the clamp on and fix it with another nut on top. At the other end we also screw the nut, tip, nut.
Device for soldering wire twists
We put the device on the gas burner nozzle, already with a gas cylinder attached.
Soldering device for twisting the wires
We light the burner and use the nuts to adjust the distance of the tip on the stud so that the flame rests optimally against the tip at a short distance. During operation, this distance can be adjusted by moving the clamp through the gas burner nozzle.

Solder wire strands

Take liquid flux. It can be LTL-120, alcohol-rosin, or any other active flux intended for soldering non-ferrous metals.
Device for soldering wire twists
We keep twisting the wire in it and hold it for 1-2 seconds for better liquid penetration in the gap between the wires.
Device for soldering wire strands
Next, wait for the tip to warm up and place a small amount of POS-61 type solder in it. I soldered with a fixture earlier, so I only need to wait for reheating.
Splicing device twisting wires
As the solder began to flow, dip a twist into it and wait 1-2 seconds until the connection warms up and the soldering occurs.
Device for soldering wire twists
The result was this:
Splicing device for twisting wires
As you can see, the edges of the wire sheath are melted. And to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to hold the twist with pliers.They will perfectly serve as a heat sink and there will be no such problem in the future.
Adapter for welding wire twist
And in general, the soldering was qualitative, fast. Therefore, I recommend repeating this construction and do not suffer.
Adapter for welding wire twist
After the end, turn off the burner, but do not put the device. It is necessary to put or hold the entire structure vertically for 10-15 minutes until the solder cools down. Otherwise it may spill out. Also be careful: the tip gets very hot - don't burn yourself.

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