Designer Tips: 25 Important House Design Secrets

It seems there is no end to the repair, but a nice cozy house is worth it. Anyone who wants to make a comfortable home with an individual character from housing will have to be patient, as the decor takes a lot of time and requires enough money. We offer 25 simple and effective home decorating tips.


How to save money

Coffee table in the living roomCoffee table in the living room

If you have already spent a lot of money on a sofa and other important furniture, and you still need various trifles, for example, a coffee table, you should not be upset. Fortunately, you do not need a fortune to purchase it, you can also try to update the old table, make it yourself or buy it at a flea market. There are many options.

Dark kitchen cabinets do it yourselfDark kitchen cabinets do it yourself

If you really like the kitchen cabinets of dark color, then before buying them, you should go to the store for the paint of the same color. If you repaint the old lockers in your favorite color, you will no longer need to buy new ones, since these will look just as good.

Ideas for bedrooms from the Internet

In today's world, this advice does not seem strange.It is worth looking at the websites of domestic craftsmen, for example, the section “DIY headboard headboard”. It certainly presents several options for how to save money by doing everything yourself. In addition, you get such a headboard, which is not found in the store. And you can even abandon this idea, because, without a headboard, the bed does not look worse.

Chest-changing tableChest-changing table

You do not need to purchase a special changing table, because it takes up space and will not provide much space for storing children's things. In all respects, it will be better to re-equip the old dresser under the changing table, setting a special rim on its surface. Over time, when the child grows up, you can dismantle the side and continue to use the chest of drawers for storing things and toys.


Pictures in the living roomPictures in the living room

It's time to think about the walls. The most common and fashionable way is to hang pictures, a collection of your favorite photos, quotes in frames. You can place them on the wall above the sofa or piano and admire every day. You can select a specific place for the collection or hang it on the whole wall.

Open shelves in the kitchenOpen shelves in the kitchen

It will not be superfluous to install open shelves on the wall in the kitchen. This is a good way to place beautiful dishes on them for everyone to see, or to simply store the necessary utensils on them.

The decor in the bedroomThe decor in the bedroom

In the bedroom stands on the wall to attach the rail, on which you can put pictures or photos. Over time, they can be easily changed by updating the exposure to the mood.

Open shelves in the bathroom

Open shelves in the bathroom

Again open shelves. But now in the bathroom or toilet. You can't do without them, because there is always something to deliver. It can be flowerpots with flowers, beautiful bottles, jars or baskets.

Wall decor in the nurseryWall decor in the nursery

In the nursery you can safely dream. If a collection of paintings hangs on the wall in the living room, you can decorate the wall in the nursery with paper flowers, hang lamps or the name of the child from wooden letters.


Flowers in the living roomFlowers in the living room

Flowers, no doubt, are an integral element of the living room decor, and not only. Greens in any room can create comfort, and especially where often all family members gather to chat over a cup of coffee. A large palm tree with wide leaves will look great in a corner, and small pot will decorate a coffee table.Do not spare money on flowers.

Apron in the kitchenApron in the kitchen

An apron on the wall behind the worktop and stove in the kitchen that protects against contamination is an indispensable element. Approaching his design is creative, use a combination of bright colors or a trendy print.

Nightstands in the interiorNightstands in the interior

The dressing table and bedside tables are not only a place to store things, but can also be decorative elements. The bedroom is a personal area and everything must match the taste and style of the owners. On the dressing table, you can put family photos, flowers, a box of jewelry, collectible items - everything your heart desires.

Shutter in the bathroomShutter in the bathroom

The bathroom should also have its own zest. The shower does not fit, but the curtain for the bathroom will do. With a wide selection there is something to think about. Choose a massive pattern of colors or bright stripes, so that the curtain amazes everyone.

Interior of a nurseryInterior of a nursery

Decorating a nursery is easy. Children have many beautiful and bright toys, books, posters. On the walls you can hang shelves, and arrange toys or books on them.

Storage space

Book shelves in the interiorBook shelves in the interior

On the bookshelves you can store not only books, but also photographs, flowerpots with flowers, knick-knacks brought from journeys, a plaid, etc. The shelves in the living room can also be decorated to your liking.

Convenient panel in the kitchenConvenient panel in the kitchen

If there is not enough space in the kitchen, there is a way out - this is a perforated plate (for fastening various objects with hooks). Kitchenware, including pans, pots, napkins, etc., can be stored on it. Here you can also hang a colorful menu.

Bedroom interiorBedroom interior

Instead of a dressing table in the bedroom, you can install a dresser, so there will be a lot of storage space. If the dresser is stylish, then it will decorate the room. In addition, it is longer than the dressing table, so there is more space on top, where you can put everything you need.

Open shelves in the bathroomOpen shelves in the bathroom

You can store things in the bathroom in baskets and boxes that can be put on the shelf above the sink or compact. Towels can also be stored on the shelves. Lotions, jars, etc. can be stored in special trays.


The area around the house must also be beautifulThe area around the house must also be beautiful

We must not forget about the appearance of the house. Landscaping is one of the easiest ways to put a yard in order.You certainly need to plant beautiful flowers, make a hedge from a bush, hang a birdhouse on a tree.

Ideas for decorating the porchIdeas for decorating the porch

The main entrance is an integral part of the whole house. If the house is rungs, you can put around the edges of flowerpots. It will not be superfluous to have a rug with a greeting or a smiley. All this will positively affect the guests who came to drink a cup of coffee.

Original flower bedsOriginal flower beds

For the cultivation of flowers or garden plants it is worth using special containers, so it will be more convenient to take care of them. For climbing plants, you need to put special supports or put them on the front of the house or a fence.

Beautifully equipped garden seatingBeautifully equipped garden seating

If the house has a backyard, then you can arrange a patio or terrace where you can retire, relax, or chat with guests outdoors. It would not be superfluous to organize a small lawn. When all the basic work, including gardening, patio, yard behind, it was time to think about entertainment. A good host always has where to entertain a guest, whether it's a pool or a barbecue place. In the garden you can equip an amazing living room in the open air, which will become your favorite place to relax.

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