Delicious and incredibly popular crab salad

The first mentions of the salad have been found since ancient times, when the army went on campaigns, and the ladies wore beautiful rich outfits. Cooks worked to create a light, but at the same time nutritious and healthy food. It could be served as a separate dish, or used as a side dish to the main meat dishes.

Salad and its main components

Salad is a competently combined dish of different vegetables. Shade the main components of fresh herbs and dressing. It can be vegetable oil, sour cream or specially prepared filling mixtures.

Not so long ago I became fashionable and immediately loved by all the crab salad, sample recipes on the site. Hostess for ease of preparation, and eaters for the originality of taste.

The first crab sticks were brought to us back in the 90s. They were considered a great delicacy, and they were not easy to get. They flaunted on the tables of rich people as a crab salad.

What is the usefulness of the salad, and how it affects the human body

In order to understand all the features of the salad, you need to get acquainted with its ingredients. Using fish fillets for minced crab sticks, get enough concentrated protein. And this, in turn, a large number of trace elements - potassium, vitamin D, vitamin B2, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium and others.

Since a salad is a component dish, its qualities are regarded under the general characteristics. Other components also have significant advantages. Rice is a dietary, low-calorie product that is good for gastritis. Corn has a healthy taste. Eggs make salad a nutritious and vitamin-mineral source, rich in proteins and carbohydrates. And also with a significant supply of animal and vegetable fats. Processed cheese adds to the heartiness, and excellent taste. And mayonnaise is a great dressing, and at the same time high-calorie component.

Salad is useful for people with gallbladder, pancreas, liver disease. Allowed to children of school age, because it has a beneficial effect on the growing organism.If you want to make salat even less calorie, you can substitute mayonnaise for the lowest fat content, or cook it yourself.

Thanks to the useful composition, the salad does not give up its positions for quite some time. Anyone who is on a diet, or lovers of tasty food, can safely enter it into your diet.

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