Crocheted moccasins on the sole: a detailed master-class

Here are such wonderful knitted moccasins on the sole suggests to tie lasievna and share with us a detailed master class. Soon the summer and such moccasins will be very relevant.

So, I knit on the docha, it is size 38, it does not matter, we will go on the pattern. I have Cotton Gold yarn from Alize, 330 m in 100 g in two additions and one Lily thread for strength. It turns out that I have one column without single size 5 * 5 mm. Knitted tight, hook Clover №3, usual 1,5 mm metal. Who yarn on the meter differs, go to the pattern. Slippers are ordinary, Kislovodsk, such in Fix Price cost 50 rubles.

Cut the matter and pierce the sole along the edge at a distance of 5 mm in a circle along the upper edge for strapping. Then we take a kapron thread (or the main one) and tie up the edge of the sole. To do this, from inside to inside, we hook the hook into the hole, grab the thread, stretch it outward, to make a loop.

Then we pull another loop from the next hole and knit them together.

We repeat this action in a circle, we fix the thread, I simply knit the beginning and the end and cut it off. Then we take our yarn for moccasins and tie the sole in a circle under the resulting arch to a height of 2 cm in rows with a lifting loop. We cut the thread and hide it.

Now measure the sole in length, put markers on both sides at half the length. Mark the middle of the front marker. We measure the widest part of the foot on the sole, take half and measure to both sides of the marker in the middle. This will be our toe. I got 9 loops (4.5 cm). We knit the rear halves of the loops (internal in our case), in the end we need to climb the next row. To do this, in the next two loops we knock two connecting columns and turn the moccasins with the heel towards us, knitting the second row in the opposite direction. Again, in the next two loops of our side we knit 2 connecting columns, they end all rows. Knit more attentively !!! Otherwise, by the end of the knitting, your moccasins will spread to the Aurora cruiser, it is better to record each row by the number of loops. From the third row we begin to add loops in the front rows to expand the toe, we knit two columns in each of the first and last loops instead of one,knit in the back of rows unchanged.

We mess with the appendages of our toe to the markers, then we start the tongue. We knit 2 cm without increments (I have 4 rows), we begin to cut, I cut the loops three times on both sides through the row, i.e. shortened the loops in the front rows. Then I got a 7 cm tongue width, knitted another 3.5 cm (7 rows) unchanged, close the loops, and remove the thread. We tie a tongue with columns without a crochet.

We begin to knit the back. We measure 3 cm from the connection of the toe to the front of the moccasins. We knit the front halves of the loops along the tongue, then the rest of the heel of the two halves of the loops in a circle around the heel (sorry for the pun), turn and knit in the opposite direction from the marker to the marker row. Then we reduce one loop, a column without nakida, over the next two columns without nakida we knit 2 air loops (this is a hole for a lace), then we knit the columns without nakida. For 4 columns to the end of the row, we knit 2 air loops, after 2 columns without a single crochet one more column, the last column is not knitted for shortening. In the opposite direction, we sew all the loops with columns without a crochet. It turned out two pairs of rows, with a hole and without.Alternate the pair so that it turns out 3 holes on each side, the last pair of rows - without a hole.

For the lace, I tied a chain of 90 cm air loops, adding Italian Lurex. For those who want to tie exactly according to the photo, it is necessary to measure for the heel not 3 cm, but 1.5 cm in the direction of the sock, the decrease is the same as in my case, only without holes. Then, on the side of the strapping, we knit a row of columns without a single crochet; in the second row, we leave room for the holes for the lace, the third row of non-crochet columns. In the joints with the boot do connecting bars. We tie the heel with stride step, weave a lace. For knitting on the insole everything is the same, only the insole is pierced from bottom to top.

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