Create an individual style in the room: an unusual lamp made of paper rope

Do you want to decorate your house with a stunning and unique handmade decor? Then this fashionable and surprisingly beautiful lamp made of rope is what you need! The materials used in the work are simple and inexpensive, and the process itself does not take much of your time.

For work you will need:

  • paper twine;
  • glue or glue for decoupage;
  • brush;
  • an empty 2.5-liter plastic bottle;
  • sandpaper;
  • duct tape;
  • knife;
  • elastic for fastening;
  • wiring kit for the lamp (lamp, lampholder and cord).

Cut off the top of an empty plastic bottle. Sand the edges so that they are not so sharp.

There should be no recesses, grooves or decorations on the selected plastic bottle. Attach the gum at the base, to continue to wind the twine. Next stick the tape on the bottle.Hook one end of the rope around the gum and start winding the twine.

Gradually wind the twine on the bottle, until the final option you are not satisfied. After that, glue over the rope with a glue to fasten and let the structure dry. Applying glue will need to be repeated several times after drying in order to fix the splits well.

You must constantly monitor the rope so that it does not loosen, and also that gaps do not appear. Every time tighten it, forming a solid lamp.

Repeat the procedure with other bottles. Then leave them to dry for the whole night. The next day it will be possible to carefully take off the wounded glued rope from the bottle. Remove the gum that held the structure from above. Then slowly push the bottle down so that it moves away from the thread. You can turn it slightly to the side to help yourself.

If at some point you thought that the thread was worn out or left the design, then immediately glue it back and wait a couple of hours until it dries. Then you can try again to get the rope lamp from the bottle. Finally, you will have the original blank for the lamp (lampshade), but this is not yet a lamp.

Pull the prepared electrical structure for the fixture over the top - the incandescent lamp, the cartridge and the cord with the plug.

If it seems to you that the lamp shade turned out to be too thin, the next time you can wind the twine with a double layer.

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