Create a cozy playhouse for children

Author: Pluzhnikova Alena

I want to share with you my own experience in creating a cozy and very cute playhouse for children. And it is assembled almost from the "pasture" materials, mainly it is the remnants of the repair and second-hand building materials, which are usually thrown on the fire in the country. If we look at the amount, then I actually planned to build it, as usual, from new materials, but it turned out very strange ... and even interesting, and you will see it further. Because, almost nothing had to be bought except for some trifles, namely:

  • glass (8mm glass with a facet of 61 * 61 in size ordered in a framing workshop), since it would be a pity to leave the interior without protection for the inside of the house for the winter), 1000r;
  • half a kilo of self-tapping screws;
  • 3 corners for the decoration of corners, 3 plinths for the decor inside and a pair of platbands for the shelves inside the house, a bar three shuki 500r +/-;
  • a plate (washing) 150р;
  • water-based acrylic paint for interior trim 250p and alkyd (waterproof) for exterior finish 320p glue for pots 240r;
  • all the rest is lining and boards left after repairing several of our neighbors in the dacha (I bought three bundles of fresh lining at first 570r, rather out of surprise), and I did not look for these used materials, I was literally offered to pick them up for free. The remains of the installation of our fence - pieces of tin, perfectly suited for the roof. Old things that children have become small or have fallen into disrepair and the remnants of cloth from needlework. A variety of little things that can be found in any barn.

As a result, the entire amount was typed somewhere around 3-4t.r. And in its pure form, it would cost all 10-15 tr. But here came a good experiment on the use of such b / y materials. Old boards, for example, after processing by Senezh, almost did not differ from new ones, and under the paint the difference is not noticeable at all. And what kind of textured boards! On some hands did not get up to paint over, postponed for other experiments.

By the time it took me about three weeks, given that the pure time spent on the construction of the house itself hardly took more than 4 days. But, the constant Petersburg throughout the Moscow region, as well as the unhurried search for suitable interesting things for the house, decor, tailoring, painting - all this stretched out over time for almost a whole month.So the period of 30 days is only for those who will be in the same circumstances as me - one mom with two children, at the dacha.

And that's what happened with us:

The upper door is for adults, the bottom door is always open for younger guests and hosts.

The worktop is made of a solid board (or you can use ordinary unpainted Ikeev shelves, one of which I went to the cabinet under the sink).

Our crane is excellent, Soviet, everything that can turn - turns, and this is great 🙂

Here we have a miracle-oven, with pies, and also an apron for the princess and the little master.

The shelves are made of a board, which is called clerk, this is exactly the thing that decorates the joints of the doors. Attached to the wall sawn off corners of the timber.

Pillows-cake There are some children's things that you don’t want to part with, regardless of the mind and their absolute unsuitability. Therefore, the idea seemed to me to give them such a second life the most suitable. And they bring benefit, and they are pleasing to the eye, but the main thing is that they continue to keep good memories

Yes, the cushions and the cushion lie on the toy box (making it simple), the lid rises and inside there is a vast storage space for everything.

This small pillow is made of the beloved son of a body.I hardly worked here, just cut off the two chats, top and bottom, and the remaining space decorated the remains of twine and the insertion of a suitable fabric. Yes, the buttons are fastened.

And yes, on all the pillows you can lie, on the back side they are smooth and pleasant

In the bins there was a certain number of different frames, and we made the applications with the children and now they are actively working on the drawings and paintings to complement the interior.

Gypsum casts made from ordinary sheets grown along the sides of the road where we walk, I had a lot of gypsum from the kits for creativity, and also I often meet him in an office supply store where you can easily and affordably buy it. Make such casts are easy! And on this topic, I have already met here a detailed master class, which I think will be useful.

In the frame on the right is a “living picture”, how to make it, I will show further.

But that's not all, we also had a whole workshop, though scattered around the site, “like” children's tools, toys, and son’s favorite machines, with which he loves to mess around. And I thought of using the back, not the front wall under his own workshop.It was easy, I had a few facades and a piece of timber and a few unnecessary loops.

Here is collected all the small things, which, with due imagination, can work perfectly in the game. Since we miraculously have the cartridge from the Ikea lamp turned out to be compatible with the thread with the adapter for the watering hose, we now have a refill. Then, the mysterious switches, they turn off the fuel, then turn on the light, and so on, a bunch of tires from different machines (and he repairs them with great pleasure!). And a tool that does not harm anyone, and more Circuits from the whole row. This is his own corner where he feels that he is the rightful owner. In general, it has the right 🙂

But with what it all began.

In fact, it all started with this small stove - a toaster, which I found in my grandmother's barn 🙂 These are the very “shoes” to which I had to buy a car.

I needed the boards, lining, timber and decorative corners / baseboards.

Tools: a screwdriver (Super thing! I bought it a year ago, I can't breathe on it), a jigsaw (the second super thing, but only for open terrain), and a large scale grinder (for upgrading old boards).

I began by first assembling the deck, the future floor of our house. I figured out on the ground, what metric area +/- would suit us if we were three of us with the children in the house, it turned out to be round 1.3m * 1.6m I laid a small sofa-dresser in advance and, of course, a kitchen table-top (without which no game is complete) approximately 30 cm each. In the remaining space, we would have to disperse freely.

For the floor, we make a frame of 4 * 4 timber (or 8 * 8) and from above just lay any board on the screws. Further, on this frame will be mounted a vertical frame for the walls. They can simply be screwed on the side of the carcass on the floor frame, or on the floor itself, as you like. It seems to me that the walls are made this way, this way and that - as it seemed comfortable at that moment.

Here, on the photo, the VSM has already been treated and covered with the remains of yacht varnish, for the safety of future owners.

Walls. The height of the house before the rise of the roof, I laid 1.68 m under my height. And with the rise of the roof, even dad feels comfortable in our house. To a height of about 30 cm.

I found a covering material in the barn and decided to protect it from moisture a little the house covering, so under the outside covering I have something like moisture protection.

I didn’t have the opportunity or the desire to cut the boards on a workbench or on another convenient workplace - I don’t like rulers and measurements, but sawing off at the place — it seemed to me an excellent way. And probably, I could write a whole poem about “me and a jigsaw,” because it is the same universal tool in the household as a screwdriver or sewing machine.

All the irregularities on the edges of the walls and the corners inside the house, regardless of the ideality of the drink, are perfectly camouflaged with baseboards (inside) and corners (outside). As pictured:

I want to note that this house was built practically without a ruler and a level. Here, at the leveling of the corners, the materials at hand were playing, for example: the old frame was from the window, and I laid the windows for the house with the usual wooden facade from the furniture.

And precisely because everything was done to the eye, the more surprising were the unexpected coincidences, such as, for example, the window I found at the dump of a local hardware store. And the window itself, and more surprisingly, the cut for it came up, which I made long before (there are a hundred exclamation marks in general) before I found the window itself. Look at what atmospheric window (already cleaned from the dirt crusts):

And the most pleasant moment: painting and glazing (this process is not unusual, so I do not spread the work stages, leaving room for other useful trifles in this master class). I only note that the exterior painting was alkyd enamel, which should protect the house from bad weather But in the interior only light acrylic water-based paint, which retained the excellent smell of fresh boards.

And now in more detail about the details of the exterior and interior, they are also very tasty and perhaps you can also awaken your appetite for creativity.

The luminaire is assembled from an unnecessary home lamp and a street flashlight on a solar battery. Here, the carving did not match, so it was necessary to attach it to epoxy glue, and the rest was finished with aerosol paint. It looks like a native, but cost 0 rubles. The flashlight was a marriage, so they refused to sell it to me, and just gave it to me

The flowerpot is made from a regular vegetable box, which the seller shared with me on the vegetable collapse, they throw them away, can you imagine? 🙂 Inside, I built a thick greenhouse film and made holes at the bottom to drain the water. Drainage + earth - and now everything is ready for a beautiful seasonal bouquet of petunias.

And also come out of the drawer beautiful shelves for books or toys, just do not forget to sand them, and give the children color - they will be delighted 🙂

Mosaic - the most affordable way to create with children! For example, we collected all the beads that Mom was not sorry for, and behind the gates of the cottage we collected white road gravel on the road, in the barn a bit of broken tile that remains from any repair. Tin cans of paint and animal feed were taken as a basis for pots. So that after drying the glue jar does not change its shape. In the bottom of the can, nails made holes, drained the drainage and planted several bushes. I want to say that I liked the pots with ordinary road stones most of all, and in fact it was made by a child of 3 years. And simple, and picturesque. About the glue for pots is worth mentioning separately, I used it for the first time and while there are no complaints, it keeps perfectly - the texture, like latex putty, and the thickness of the application can be in the finger, which is convenient when working with a mosaic of various materials. The cost of 240r.

Now a little about the interior and filling the house.

Our main treasure, an impromptu kitchenette, is made from an array of boards, an ordinary iron plate and a Soviet tap.The tabletop is the only one in the house painted with alkyd enamel, simply because it usually gets the most. The front part of the tabletop was supplemented with a casing, which gave it a complete look.

Sofa dresser for toys.

A simple skeleton of a bar, as usual, but with a narrowing from below, and a place for sitting from a furniture board (or an ordinary shelf-in our village a furniture shield was not found). For the shield, it is necessary to have a frame on four sides, some hinges simply cannot withstand the weight, they only work for opening. Everything was cut out literally in place and made of scrap materials: a shield, hinges, a bar, a corner of the plinth and wall paneling.

The seat is made from Ikeev's children's sheets, and various pieces of foam rubber found in the closet (in fact, someone hid it and disguised it in a pillow, well what I found, so the buttons are more likely to fasten this foam rubber, otherwise it will walk around the entire product The seat is perfectly held and fixed on the cover of the sofa with a sewing adhesive tape (one piece is nailed to the seat, the second is sewn to the seat)

The pillow is made from the beloved daughter of a sweatshirt, which is small for her year 3 and pieces of texture, and one of the simple IKEA pillows went into the filling.

The cake is big, made of two scarves, which have ceased to please me with their appearance, but have found a new life in my favorite image. Акку It is rather difficult to sew a knitted product, so I knitted it with suitable threads and a crochet.

Sea-male pillow, from the beloved son of a body, which he, too, rapidly became small. Button fasteners left in a functional form, and the inside added a piece of suitable fabric, so that you can unfasten the pillow without losing the contents.

Apron for the princess, made from her last year's dress, there were also specks on it unfortunately, but it was easy to fix by decorating with pockets. For the apron it took a small piece of cotton milky fabric that complements the composition and holds the thin base of the dress together.

The apron turned out to be a miracle, the operating time is 1 hour.

An apron for a little master, from home trousers and a piece of cloth, is easy here: a vest is cut out by eye, you put it on the child, you cut off the excess, and then the issue of decor and functionality. For my Chief Assistant, big pockets are the meaning of life. No business or journey is complete without pockets full of pebbles or treasure.Therefore, he knows exactly how to deal with them, and I wanted to make him happy 🙂 It turned out even 3 huge pockets in an apron, and also on the chest loop for different nonsense.

Living picture: I took the plastic part from the packaging of the toy (any thick one would fit), which more or less came to be with one of the frames, glued the joints with epoxy glue for reliability and secured it with a wire on the back for durability.

Coconut fiber became a nutrient base for plants (it is free to be sold in stores in tablets or briquettes), which, in a dry form, made it possible to disintegrate saxifrage, as I was comfortable, and after watering, it swelled and firmly pressed the roots of the plant to the net. I covered her with moss on toothpicks: imperceptibly and painlessly.

This house was created for my Chief Assistants and only because of them, because I simply can’t imagine a better stimulus and source of creativity. Moreover, having the choice to buy a ready-made plastic house or spend more (but it turned out to be several times less), but to build with children alone - the choice was only in the direction of the latter, because there is a simple rule - it’s impossible to teach a child something, he learns looking at you.I would like them to learn to work, create and receive pleasure from it, because it fills life and brings great joy. Afor this it was worthwhile to try. I hope you enjoy our adventures just as they liked it

P.S .: fromThe most amazing thing for me now, and all the time in the process of work, was that almost all of the unnecessary things and materials I created this small cozy house for my Chief Assistants. It was much more fun than buying finished products. Although all the same can be created from fresh materials, it will not be worse. 🙂 Anyway, now you know that this is possible and you have an example.

I can not express how much joy and a lot of pleasure I have brought work on this project, it is something unforgettable. And I'd like to share with you this sunny mood, inspiration and, of course, my experience. And most importantly, remember: there are no female or male professions, affairs or occupations, tools. Friends, thinking so, we are very limited in the possibilities of creativity. Be creative and inspiration you! And do not be afraid to experiment!

PS2: It cost me a lot of hard work not to upload all the photos here and sign all the stories behind the scenes (and many interesting things remain there), all our helpers (cat, cat, dog and four kittens), all these funny photos and funny moments . I tried, honestly! Maximum compressed to write. In the end, I was just afraid, in order not to accidentally demolish everything that I loaded, because this very compressed turned out to be extremely much. But I hope you enjoy it.

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