Cover for your favorite book

Cover for your favorite book or school textbook. Each of us has favorite books. We often read them ourselves, giving them to read to friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of friends ... Therefore, often the most interesting books look worn. To save your favorite books, you can sew for them cute covers with beautiful bookmarks, because bookmarks also help to keep pages in a neat form.
Cover for your favorite book
For work you will need: yellow fleece, brown and green felt patches, needle, yellow, red, brown and green threads for sewing, sharp scissors, bright yellow ribbon in flower, large red beads, metal decoration in the form of a bird in a box.
 You will need to work
Workflow. 1. First you need to carve out the cover for the book. To do this, spread a yellow fleece on the table, and put an open book on top.Add half a centimeter from the top and bottom, and six centimeters from right and left.
 cut out the cover for the book
2. Wrap the protruding edges of the fleece so that they wrap the cover of the book at the sides.
 Wrap protruding edges
3. Sew up the wrapped edges with yellow threads with a stitch seam. This will be the basis of the cover.
4. Now you need to decorate the cover - make a beautiful appliqué. Cut a tree trunk from brown felt, and a tree crown and thick grass from a green felt. Arrange the cut parts on the front side.
 decorate the cover
5. Gently sew the trunk with brown threads with a basting stitch.
 sew the barrel
6. Sew the tree crown and grass in the lower part of the cover with a basting stitch with green threads.
 sew the crown of the tree
7. Red thread tightly sew red beads.They will resemble ripe apples.
 sew on red beads
8. Sew a metal decoration in the shape of a bird in a cage with green threads at the bottom of the tree crown. The front cover is ready.  sew a metal decoration
9. Now you need to bookmark the book. To do this, take a bright ribbon of yellow color so long that it protrudes beyond the edges of the page. From the green felt cut two identical parts in the form of a leaf.  bookmark the book 10. Gently sew the leaves with a looped seam with green threads. Sew a ribbon at the top of the leaves. Embroider veins with green threads on the leaf.  cut two identical parts 11. The upper end of the ribbon is tucked and sewed to the inside of the cover.  Embroidered on a piece of paper 12. Try on the cover of the book.If the bookmark is too long, you can hem it.
 sew to the inside
Unusual cover for your favorite book is ready. It will help keep your books new and neat.
 Unusual cover for your favorite book
You can make such covers for different books and come up with for them different applications. Children will surely like this idea. Therefore, you can sew such covers for school textbooks, and you can offer the children themselves to make bright covers in accordance with their own taste. And, perhaps, your children will learn with great pleasure and will receive only good and excellent grades.
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