Cooling units for commercial enterprises

Professional equipment plays the most important role in business success.

For the convenience of selection and purchase of equipment and refrigeration equipment for stores, you can use online services, which have a detailed description and prices. At the same time, there is a possibility of a simple choice by known parameters - power, purpose or appearance.

Devices for trading halls

The refrigerator is designed to store perishable goods - meat and fish, deep-frozen items or chilled ready meals. In supermarkets and retail points on the street, a demonstration of the product line is necessary, which also meets the requirements of ensuring the freshness of food. For this purpose:

  • Storefronts - low-medium and high-temperature, confectionery and culinary;
  • Cabinets with transparent walls or only a facade;
  • Lari - boxes with an opaque top for keeping cold inside;
  • Bonnets - open horizontal baths with cold supply from below.
  • Lari-bonnets - a combination of large capacity with glass sliding doors.

Demonstration of the range is important to increase sales. Buyers see the goods and can inspect them, touch and choose. From a marketing point of view, this is the best offer that brings income to the seller and guarantees the safety of products, preventing damage from damage.

It is used not only in stores to review the range, but also in catering establishments. It is a compact unit with transparent sides and shelves inside. It differs from the cabinet in the way the layout of the calculation. The shelves are fixed, but can have both a dynamic and static frost feeding system. In the first case, cooling takes place when cold air is injected all over the space in the same way, and in the second, only from the bottom, therefore there is a difference in temperature. In the static type, the lower compartment is cooled more, and the upper shelves are smaller; here it is better to exhibit products that deteriorate under different conditions.The dynamic temperature will be the same.

Among the desktop showcase models, there are also highly specialized ones - for sushi or pieces for fast food, salad bars, high-temperature ones with moisture support. Additional options include interior lighting, barometer, rotational elements, removable shelves, additional bottle holders.

Professional installations for outbuildings and cutting shops

The internal "kitchen" of any food industrial enterprise necessarily includes equipment that helps to store or process raw materials. Cutting meat carcasses and fish, packing and distribution of semi-finished products of perishable blanks is not complete without freezing and. This is the place where the raw material is processed before further use. It differs from the usual presence of a cooling installation under the table top, which ensures that the required temperature is maintained all day so that the meat or fish parts do not overheat during the operation and retain their properties.

After cutting, they are sent to the fridges. In the outbuildings is not important external design or design.The main thing is to ensure the regime of temperature and humidity. There are such cooling units:

  • Low and medium temperature chambers, both solid and composite sandwich panels;
  • Split systems and monoblocks installed in enclosed spaces
  • Freezing lari.

Warehouses use equipment for shock freezing, as well as ice generators of various types. The equipment differs in size and power. Food groups are divided into parts and placed in different compartments, according to safety conditions. A small store can only use exhibition models and place them in front of customers, and hypermarkets or food factories must have storage facilities where there are several units fully equipped with professional-level equipment.

Choice of professionals

Selecting technology for industrial needs, are guided by such criteria:

  • The power and distribution of the blocks is better, several compartments with their own thermostat and high performance for smooth operation for many years on large objects, on small, fairly compact options;
  • Ease of use and ease of maintenance - no frost will cope with the automatic frost freezing, there will not be too much frost on the products, it is easier to take care of;
  • Energy Saving Class - And best of all it saves electricity and company costs;
  • Advanced options - lights, rotation, door lock, barometer.

Depending on the purpose of the technique and the main criteria for the entrepreneur, the type and model are selected. Today in Russia there is a large selection of not only foreign, but also domestic brands that are reliable and are cheaper than imported ones.

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