Cooking banana chips

Somehow in the store I came across banana chips, which struck me with their taste. I overwhelmed me with an irresistible desire to learn how to do them at home on my own. And I tried. Of course, it turned out not like store chips. But not bad either.
Preparing banana chips
For banana chips I needed vegetable oil, banana and sugar powder. And I spent 7 minutes for cooking them: >
Preparing banana chips
Cutting a banana with thin circles. Putting in a frying pan with boiling vegetable oil (that is, deep frying).
 Prepare banana chips
 Cooking banana chips
When the circles roasted until golden brown, removed and laid them on a plate covered with a cloth (so that oil glass from the product).Cookingbanana chips
 Cooking banana chips Then moved the chips to a plate and sprinkled with powder. Done!
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