Cleaning in joy: 10 useful recommendations for the kitchen, past which you should not pass.

Keep the kitchen inclean and tidy- real art. Many housewives know how to get rid of soot in the oven or how to clean the microwave from fat without spending all day on it. However, even the most experienced women in the household are always happy to learn new useful tricks. This time we have collected 10 excellent tips for the kitchen, which you should not pass by.

Cleaning the kitchen

  1. Glassware can be washed very easily and without household chemicals from the store. To do this, in a warm water, add a little vinegar and salt. Dishes will become cleaner and more transparent.
  2. Aluminum pots will become shiny again inside if you boil water in them with potato peelings, apple peel, rhubarb peel or vinegar solution.
  3. Enamel pots that have darkened over time or burned, boil with any dishwashing detergent with the addition of 1 tbsp. l. soda Then rinse well with hot water.To prevent darkening boil them with a solution of vinegar once a month.
  4. The refrigerator inside is very well cleaned with a solution of soda. Take 4 tbsp. l. soda in 1 liter of water. Apply and wipe. Freshness and cleanliness guaranteed!
  5. Do not long cook laundry soap in a burnt pot. Then it can be easily washed with a sponge.
  6. If runaway milk spilled onto a hot plate, pour the salt into the filled place and cover it with wet parchment paper. The smell does not spread throughout the room.
  7. To prevent insects from getting in the flour, place a couple of garlic cloves in the place where it is stored, without peeling.
  8. To make the knives easier to sharpen, put them in a weak saline solution for a while and sharpen without wiping.
  9. To wash the meat grinder was easier, pass through the end raw potatoes.
    meat grinder
  10. New glass cups will not be beaten by light blows, if they are put in a vessel with cold water, slowly heat it to a boil and leave them to cool in the same water.
    glass cups

We hope that these useful tricks will be useful to you when you will manage in the kitchen.

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