Churchill Mk VII Tank Paper Model

The paper model of the Churchill Mk VII tankis a British heavy support tank.

Materials and tools:

  1. scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler
  2. tweezers;
  3. glue brushes and paint;
  4. watercolors (or pencils), toothpicks;
  5. clear acrylic glue ("Moment", etc.);
  6. to print the model matte photo paper with a density of 170-180 g / m2; for small parts - 70-80 g / m2.

Build Tips:

  1. Before you assemble the part, read the drawings and instructions. Determine the place of each part and imagine its assembly;
  2. Make holes in details before cutting out the part;
  3. Cut only the part (s) you need right now. Unpacked items in a box, and unused sheets in a closed folder (as an option). Throwing out trash after work, carefully inspect the scrap paper;
  4. To better fold the part, it is necessary to hold the ruler along the fold line, pressing lightly with the blunt side of the knife or a toothpick so as not to damage the paper surface.Better to do it from the wrong side of the part;
  5. Keep your fingers clean and be sure to use wipes to wipe your hands, because hands may get dirty in the process;
  6. wind up cylindrical parts before gluing onto a round object of a suitable diameter, this will give them shape;
  7. Before gluing it is necessary to paint the ends of the part. White crop lines spoil the overall look of the model. To paint the ends, use watercolors or gouache paints. After selecting the desired color, apply them in a thin layer, then allow the paint to dry. About markers better to forget;
  8. Take your time with gluing. First, cut out the part, paint it from the end, wait for the paint to dry, assemble the part. Attach it to the place where it should be to make sure everything is done correctly. And only then stick. Do not forget to let the glue dry.

A bit of history

British heavy tank tank support Churchill Mk VII

After engaging Britain in World War II, the General Headquarters demanded to develop a new heavy tank, having thick impenetrable armor, capable of overcoming broad moats and breaking through the fortified positions of the enemy in close cooperation with the infantry.In September 1939, the performance characteristics of the new machine, which received the working designation A20, were formulated. But the prototypes of the A20 that were built did not meet the requirements on either side and were launched under the press ».AcompanyVauxhallMotorsLtd.fromLutonwasabletograbanordertobuildaprototypeA22.InNovember1940,theprototypewasadopted,and inDecember– sent for military trials. In March 1941, the construction of the pilot series was completed, and on June 30, 1941, the troops received the first 14 serial tanks.

It should be noted that previously Vauxhall Motors did not build tanks, but the first pancake is obvious to her, it was a success. In honor of the construction of a new tank, the factory in Luton was visited by King George VI and Prime Minister Churchill. And step by step to the tank stuck nicknamed "Churchill ».Thetankwashurriedlylaunchedintotheseries,anditshouldbenotedthattheundeservedcomponentsandassembliesinthefirstmachinesquiteoftenfailed.Since1942,thefirstlarge-scalemodernizationprogramofthetankwaslaunched,includingalreadyproducedvehicles.Anewtowerwasdesigned– under the 57 mm cannon, and in 1943 a version of the Churchill Mk VII was produced with a 75 mm cannon and 152 mm thick armor. The machine was produced a few more months after the war was over and was considered the best of all English tanks of that period.

The tank was supplied under Lend-Lease in the USSR.In total, the Red Army received 344 tank modifications   II, III and IV. The total production amounted to 5,500 tanks, of which 1600 Mk VII accounts for.

Basic tactical and technical data:

  1. Length –7450mm;
  2. Width –3250mm;
  3. Height –2480mm;
  4. Clearance –510mm;
  5. Mass –38000-38500kg;
  6. Crew –5people;
  7. The maximum speed is 28 km / h;
  8. Power reserve –200-260kmonthehighway,150kminthefield;
  9. Armament -   1 cannon 40 mm (150 rounds), 2 machine guns 7.92 m (6975 rounds).

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