Christmas tinsel

It turns out that Christmas decorations made of foil can not only decorate a real festive tree, but also become an independent element of decor. From the New Year's rain, they receive original crafts - Christmas trees. Looking ahead, show what is at stake. Here is our green beauty decorated the table in the office.
 Christmas tree from tinsel
In the present embodiment, a tinsel of green color with red edges was used. However, believe me, the same tree, made of silver rain, looks no less festive. It is believed that it is covered with frost or the first snow. So, we get for crafts: - green or silver tinsel - wire - 20-30 cm of narrow satin ribbon - superglue- scissors - needle with thread.
 Christmas tree from tinsel
At the first stage we twist the wire into a spiral, giving it the shape of a cone. In our case, the wire is very rough, it was necessary to form the curls with the help of pliers. However, such rigidity of the frame will ultimately benefit everyone.The Christmas tree is stable and not prone to deformation. [2.jpg]
 Christmas tree from tinsel
The figure shows that the circles of the helix are far from ideal. There is nothing wrong with that. Tinsel will hide possible angularities and irregularities.
 Christmas tree from tinsel
The frame is ready. Now you need to wrap it with green needles. We begin the work from the bottom edge. You can use superglue to attach the tinsel edge to the wire, but we decided to use threads. Just tied the rain to the metal, extra centimeters of thread removed with scissors.
 Christmas tree from tinsel
We focus on the knot of white thread. Carefully wrap the wire with tinsel to the very top.
 Christmas tree from tinsel
 Christmas tree from tinsel
We get such a fluffy pretty Christmas tree.

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