Magnet Christmas

Few know that the holly is a symbol of Christmas. On this holly sit Christmas winter owls, guarding the house. I want to tell you how to make a magnet with these owls. Napkins can be bought in stationery stores, in supermarkets. If there are no napkins with the image of owls, you can take any other, for example, with Santa Claus. What you will need: • napkins, • • magnetic paper,
• hairspray, • glue transparent Globus (glue for shoes).
 you need
Step 1.
Take a sheet of magnetic paper 10 * 15 cm (I bought in a computer store, where ordinary photographic paper is sold). Now we put a napkin and see if the image of the owls will fit. We outline with a pencil and cut off the unnecessary from the reverse side
 sheet of magnetic paper
 we put a napkin
Step 2. Now we cut off the edges,so that unnecessary snowflakes are not visible.
 Separate layers from the napkin
Step 3 Separate the bottom two layer from the napkin.
Step 4 Let us put a napkin on a magnetic sheet. I found out that it’s impossible to work with PVA glue because it is too thin, it wrinkles a napkin, it leaves the mounds too thick under the image. Therefore, I decided to use transparent glue Globus. It dries quickly, does not leave wrinkles, the only negative is stains on the napkin. We do not apply the glue all at once, but little by little - one section was applied, smoothed out, and another was taken. Because the glue dries very quickly.
 Now we cut off the edges
Step 5 You could not avoid stains, so we cut off figure edge. First, we cut out roughly the main part of the image with simple scissors, then figure out the edges with manicure scissors to emphasize the leaves of the holly plant on which the owls sit. This plant is a symbol of Christmas.
Step 6 To protect the napkin from moisture,We will apply a layer of hairspray with strong fixation.
 iron the iron
Step 7 The owls dry, then fix the varnish completely with an iron, to dry the lacquer. It is necessary to wait until the varnish has evaporated, otherwise the magnet will stick when ironed. So put 3 layers, although it can be more. Here are the Winter Owls and ready!

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