Choosing the perfect mascara

The mascara should be in the beautician any self-respecting and watching a girl and woman. But not every such cosmetic makes eyelashes long, beautiful and voluminous. And what kind of mascara to choose to stay satisfied?

Brush should you like


There are different types of mascara. The specific choice depends on what you ultimately expect and want: get the effect of false eyelashes, make the eyelashes brighter or curl them a little. We list several varieties:

  1. Lengthening mascara contains particles that cling to the very tips of the eyelashes and complement them. Such components include, for example, viscose, silk or nylon fibers.
  2. Bulk mascara. Its main task is to give volume. And this is ensured by the components contained in such a cosmetic product, which stick to the cilia and literally envelop them (these can be synthetic fibers or wax particles).
  3. Twist. The brush in this case is bent and has short bristles,that allows you to raise the eyelashes and slightly curl them when painting.
  4. Waterproof mascara in the composition has only substances that are not resistant to moisture. You can swim, and not be afraid that the mascara will flow because of rain, snow or high humidity.
  5. Color mascara is suitable for those who are accustomed to breaking stereotypes and want to stand out from the crowd with their unusual bright eyes. The color scheme is very extensive: blue, brown, purple, pink, green, yellow and even white. There are plenty to choose from.
  6. Hypoallergenic mascara contains the minimum amount of allergenic substances, which are mostly preservatives and synthetic components. Ideal for girls with sensitive skin.

We study the components

Finding the ideal is very difficult

The composition is a fundamental point that you should pay attention to when buying. The quality mascara can contain the following components:

  • The basis of this cosmetic product is water. It provides a liquid consistency.
  • To keep the mascara on the eyelashes longer, you need wax.
  • Nourish and strengthen each cilium oil.
  • Coloring pigment. Most often it is melanin. He does not cause allergies, but provides a bright and saturated color.But those manufacturers who make a natural bias can use natural ingredients, such as soot.
  • As preservatives can be used alcohol or soap composition (glycerin).
  • Ultraviolet filters protect eyelashes from burning out under the influence of sunlight.
  • Lanolin nourishes the eyelashes, makes them strong, protects against breakage and delamination.
  • Panthenol gives your eyelashes elasticity and a healthy look.
  • Proteins promote growth.
  • Keratin, when applied, forms a film on the surface of the cilium, which protects against the negative effects of external factors.
  • It's great if the composition also contains vitamins: B5, E, F, A and others.
  • Sometimes manufacturers add fragrances that give a pleasant smell. But if all the components are natural, they are not needed.

Choosing a brush

The brush is also an important factor, since it provides the correct application of the composition and its distribution, and also forms the position of the cilia and corrects it. We list several possible options:

  1. Plastic brush in the form of comb with rare bristles. Elegant volume it will certainly provide, but if you need to separate the cilia, then this is not the best option.
  2. Brush with bristles in the form of a twisted spiral.If you have naughty and very hard eyelashes, then choose it because it will provide excellent application.
  3. Silicone brush perfectly separates the eyelashes, but the volume and lengthening should not wait. This option is suitable for owners of long and thick eyelashes.
  4. Short seta - great for short eyelashes. In addition, with the use of such a brush, you can paint over the corners of the eyes and lower cilia. And another plus is the absence of stains on the eyelids after staining.
  5. The continuous seta will create a chic volume, but only thin cilia can divide it.
  6. The long bristles are ideal for separating the lashes and giving them a volume, as it leaves the maximum amount of mascara when applied.
  7. Curved brush will help curl cilia and lift them. The look will be the most expressive!
  8. Thick brush with different lengths of villi will help to divide and paint over thick eyelashes, extending them.
  9. A spindle-shaped brush with short bristles around the edges allows you to paint over the corners and at the same time add the desired volume.
  10. If the edges of the villi are longer than in the middle, then the lashes will rise.

Review of some carcasses

To choose a good mascara, it is not superfluous to study the testimonials of customers who have already used the product. We offer a review of some carcasses:

"Bourjois Mascara Volume Glamor". It is well applied, it creates volume, tightens cilia and lasts for a long time. Allergies do not occur, wash it off easily.

Bourjois mascara

“Definicils” from “Lankom.” High-quality and very expensive mascara. But the price is fully justified by the characteristics and effect after application. The brush is comfortable, after staining the eyelashes does not seem to be stuck together.


"Illusionist" from "Estee Lauder" looks on the eyes of course, in the heat and at high humidity does not leak. Many are pleased with this mascara and use it with pleasure.

"L'oreal Volumissime x4". Not very expensive and incredibly resistant mascara. The volume is also provided, but not the same as advertising promises.

L'Oreal Volumissime x4

"YSL Mascara Volume Infini Curl". Cilia are twisted, become voluminous and long. The remedy is great. Some are frightened off by a very strong smell.

Maybelin Volume Express Mascara. Great mascara, which is used by almost all Americans. Cilia look romantic and natural, do not stick together.

Maybelin Volume Express Mascara

“MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush №201”. Dissatisfied with this ink, perhaps, no. By all criteria, it is good.

MaxFactor 2000

"Lumene Extra Volume".Here opinions were divided, but positive feedback is still greater.

"Chanel Inimitable Multi-Dimensional Mascara". Expensive, but very high quality mascara. It does not flow, does not crumble, lasts a long time and is well applied.

Helpful Tips

For beautiful ladies, some helpful tips on choosing a mascara:

  • In the store, open the ink and apply it on your hand or on paper. Inspect the left trail. Ideally, it should be uniform, clear and bright, otherwise, when applied, the composition will not lie on the eyelashes as it should. Lumps and specks should not be.
  • The smell should not be sharp and unpleasant. Only a little sweetish flavor is possible and permissible.
  • Several times pull out and re-place the brush in a tube. Is there any ink left at the base of the tank? If yes, then it will smudge everything around.
  • Carefully study the packaging. It must contain the manufacturer’s contact details, the address, as well as the composition, expiration date and information on use.
  • If the expiration date is coming to an end, do not buy such mascara, some components may lose their activity and change properties.
  • Buy this cosmetic only in proven specialized stores. And sellers must have certificates of quality.

Let the selected mascara make your eyelashes the most beautiful, and look will be expressive!

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