Choosing lenses for sunglasses

When choosing glasses from the sun attention should be paid to the selection of lenses. The quality of the material used for the manufacture plays an important role. Lenses made of glass are resistant to scratches, provide protection from ultraviolet radiation. The accessory of this sample is heavy, it can be easily broken, and as a result, there is a possibility of damage to the eyes.

Currently used lenses made of plastic. The main producers of this element of high quality glasses are France, Germany. By weight glasses made of plastic are light, in everyday life it is worth treating them carefully so as not to scratch the material. The technological process of production involves the addition of a chemical to the plastic, while applying a certain deposition to the lenses. This allows you to get good properties of protection against ultraviolet radiation.

A simple way to check plastic lenses is to take: you need to put glasses on a waffle towel. High-quality lens does not distort the square.The modern market of accessories offers lenses with acrylic coating. Using the internet you can buy Carrera glasses.

When making a choice of sunglasses, you should pay attention to the color of your hair, dresses, and most importantly you should feel comfortable with glasses, clearly perceive the colors of the environment.

Color shades

Proper perception of colors, allows you to create a gray color lenses. Filtration of the rays allows you to make lenses of green color. Fashionistas who prefer a pink color should remember that the lenses of this shade distort colors. Lenses painted in blue color lead to artificial expansion of the pupil. Drivers are recommended to use glasses with brown lenses. A distinctive feature of branded lenses is that they are able to change the shade of the environment, without changing colors in a fundamental way.

Recommendations for choosing a frame

When purchasing a summer accessory you need to choose a comfortable frame. The first moment when choosing to look in the mirror, to decide whether the frame is suitable for the type of your face. It is recommended to choose a frame with large lenses.The frame protects the eyes from sunlight, protects the skin around the eyes. With special care it is necessary to make sure of the strength of the joints, to turn the head in different directions, to make sure that the frame fits tightly to the oval of the face.

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