Children's Fantasy "Animal Shells from Seashells"

Is anyone able to refrain from a sense of delight and surprise at the sight of such amazing gifts of nature, or rather the sea, like seashells. Striking patterns, curves, shapes ... How not to marvel at such a miracle. So for children of any age, as well as for many adults, this natural creation is a kind of inspiration for creativity. We offer you a childish fantasy on the theme "Funny little animals from shells". Younger schoolchildren were given a set of different shells with a proposal to make some objects out of them. It turned out quite interesting and fun products of children's imagination. 1. A set of seashells. 2. Vase with flowers. 3. The Snake. 4. Frog. 5. Big bear. 6. Mishutka is small. 7. Sea fantasy. 8. The sun. 9. Flower. 10. Flower. 11. Man. 12. Turtle.
Children's Fantasy
Children's Fantasy
 Children's Fantasy “Animal Shells from Seashells” ”title =“ Children's Fantasy “Animal Figures from Seashells”

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