Sausage in a mug

Sausage is very popular and loved by many. Some people do not imagine breakfast without a sandwich with sausage. In stores now a huge selection of sausages for every taste: from cooked to damp and sun dried, and to any purse. But it's no secret that the composition of many of them leaves much to be desired. And I don’t want to feed children with such a product. Therefore, you can get out of the situation only by preparing the sausage yourself. Prepare homemade sausage using a natural shell - cherevoy, foil, food film, ceramic form and even an ordinary glass or mug. Homemade sausage can be boiled, baked. And depending on the added spices, changing the amount of ingredients each time you can get sausages with completely different tastes. Even the beginning culinary specialist should not have special difficulties with cooking chicken sausage in a mug.

Ingredients for chicken sausage in a mug

  • chicken meat - 700 grams;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • starch - two large spoons;
  • milk - about 300 ml.
  • salt -one and a half small spoons;
  • ground black pepper - half a small spoon;
  • nutmeg powder - one small spoon;
  • vegetable oil for lubricating mugs.

Cooking sausage in a mug

To cook chicken sausage, you will use home-made chicken meat: breast, ham, thigh.
Sausage in a circle
It is necessary to cut off all the flesh from the bones. You can make a delicious chicken soup from the seed.
Sausage in a circle
Grind meat in a convenient way. Scroll in a meat grinder, grind in a combine. The smaller the mince will be, the more uniform, softer and more tender in consistency will be a sausage. Stuffing should have a practically paste-like state.
Sausage in a mug
Put the stuffing in the bowl of the combine. Here it will be further crushed and thoroughly mixed with the other ingredients.
Sausage in a mug
Pour salt, black pepper and ground nutmeg into the bowl, add one egg.Turn on the combine, grind.
Sausage in a mug
Pour in milk or cream to give a more liquid consistency and juiciness to stuffing and add potato starch. Grind again.
Sausage in a mug
Stuffing should be homogeneous, not thick. At this stage, you can add dried sweet pepper or small pieces of bell pepper, pieces of lard, olives, spices: cordamom, coriander to the stuffing. And if you add a few drops of beet juice, the mince will turn pink. In general, you can experiment with additives endlessly.
Sausage in a mug
Mugs or glasses should be chosen at the same height, since the sausage will be prepared in a water bath. Mugs a little oil any oil and densely fill them with chicken mince. Do not fill the circles up to the top.
Sausage in a circle
Close the circles tightly with cling film folded into 2-3 layers.
Sausage in a circle
In a cauldron or pot with a thickened bottom, put a cloth,folded 3-4 times and place circles on it.
Sausage in a mug
Pour hot water in a cauldron so that it is slightly above the middle of the mugs. Turn on the stove and cook sausage from the moment of boiling for 40-45 minutes.
Sausage in a mug
Gently pull the mugs out of the pan, let the sausage cool down a little in the mugs.
Sausage in a mug
Shake out sausage from mugs without difficulty.
Sausage in a mug
Cut the sausage into slices. With greens and fresh bread, a delicious sandwich is made. As it turned out, making healthy chicken sausage in a mug is not at all difficult. Natural sausage will be happy to eat, not only adults but also children. Cook not only tasty, but also useful! Bon Appetit!

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