New Year's Chicken Dishes

According to an old legend, on New Year's Eve the table must be bursting with food, then the next year will be full and successful. In the old days, in the center of the New Year's table, there was usually either a bird or a piglet, and the carcass should be necessarily integral. In general, the tradition to celebrate the new year with the family at the table came to us from the Christmas feast. To a Christmas Eve a dish was prepared-Osobka-thanks to which the name "Christmas Eve" appeared. Sochi was prepared from three types of cereals: peas, rice, wheat and seasoned with oil (vegetable or sunflower). Also included in this dish are nuts and honey. Our ancestors believed that the cereals in the New Year's dish - a symbol of nature and fertile land, symbolizing prosperity and bliss.

A festive table is a reason to cook an unusual dish. Chicken is one of the most popular products for the New Year's table because of its relative cheapness. Even a simple chicken in the oven - this is a festive dish, which can be served to the table without frills, or you can add zest to it.For example, stuff it with mushrooms that are universal and all-season stuffing, or dried fruit. For chicken there are a lot of marinades and sauces: with spicy herbs (Asian teriyaki), crackers, cream, sour cream and much more. Also a great option is chicken steak cooked from chicken or roll, which is filled with various ingredients.

For cooking chicken dishes to the New Year's table is ideal chilled product. This is due to the fact that frozen chicken is often “chopped up” with water to increase weight, moreover, it is very difficult to determine the quality of meat from them. If you take the whole chicken, then it must be soaked in brine for the whole night - then it will be salted as evenly as possible. In order for a crisp to form on cooking on a chicken, it is necessary to put it on a ventilated place for 5-6 hours (do not put it in the refrigerator!).

If you are afraid that the chicken in the oven may come out "overdried" - put it in marinade from unsweetened yogurt (sold in liquid form) or milk for 3-4 hours. The meat will be very tender!

You can roast chicken, simmer, simmer and soar, add sauces and seasonings, pickle and bake.You can cook a grilled chicken or chicken with teriyaki sauce - a traditional Asian dish. Also, a chicken can be cooked many side dishes: potatoes, cereals, vegetables, noodles and other.

As you can see, a chicken is a universal product for the New Year's table, many variations of its preparation will help you to prepare a hearty dish for the New Year's table.

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