Charming Christmas reindeer from wine corks

Some have been collecting wine corks for years, hoping to make some kind of decoration for their home. Indeed, such material is asked to work. It has a nice texture and natural color. And if you have long been thinking about where to adjust your meeting - the time has come! Christmas holidays are hard to imagine without the reindeer of Santa Claus. With the help of ordinary traffic jams, pins and household brushes you can make such wonderful animals. Settle them at home, place them on shelves, or use them in table setting.

The most beautiful thing is the simplicity of the craft. You do not have to spend a whole day to create a whole team. And even a child can be attracted to this work. A fittings for decoration will suit any. So, if you decide on this way of using traffic jams, check out the list of materials you need to work.

To create three deer you need:

    • 9 wine corks (three for each deer)
    • 6 black-headed sewing pins
    • Red ribbon for bows
    • 3 small red pompoms (can be replaced with beads)
    • 2 dark brown brushes (horns)
    • 1 light brown brush (tail and ears)
    • glue gun
    • Knife


Step 1: Cut the legs

  • Cut the cork into two pieces vertically, as if it were a log.
  • Cut the halves in half. You should have 4 thin long legs.

Step 2: Cut the head and neck

Cut the cork horizontally into two parts, one of which should be a third, the second two thirds. The long part will become the head, and the short part - the neck.

Step 3: Glue the legs, neck and head to the body.

  • Glue the legs to the whole cork.
  • From above attach a neck, and to it a head.

Step 4: Add the details.

  • Eyes can be made by sticking two black-headed sewing pins into the “head”, or by gluing black beads or large beads.
  • From the brush of a dark color horns are twisted, which are glued to the back of the head of a deer. If the brush is too fluffy, you can trim it.
  • Small pieces for the ears and deer tails are cut out of the light brush.
  • Glue the spout from a red bead or pom-pom.
  • Neck deer can be decorated with a bow of bright ribbons. To the edges of the tape did not crumble, you can sing them over the candles.

You can use such deer as decoration, placing them under the tree. Or place them directly on the dining table, as holders for cards indicating the location of the seats.

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