Cement can be used not only in construction! 15 garden decoration ideas

Garden sculpture is a great way to give your site individuality. You don’t have to buy ready-made compositions for big money, rather go to the hardware store for a bag of cement. Remember that working with a solution can not be left for a long time in a static form. Mix all the ingredients, pour it into the form as quickly as possible.

To create a cement mortar will need:

  • 1 part cement;
  • 3 pieces of sand;
  • 3 parts water

A solution of this concentration should be left in the form for at least a day. It allows you to create fairly strong elements that will decorate your garden for many years. The most incredible things can be used as forms for pouring. Here are some interesting ideas.

Homemade tiles

As a form for a round tile, you can use old dishes.For easier extraction, cover the bottom with food film. An interesting solution - silicone bakeware.

Place for decorative pond

A small water tank is appropriate as a decor, and as a functional element of the garden. It can be a drinking bowl for birds or a reservoir for collecting rainwater.

Flowerpots for flowers

Use paper cups, ice cream buckets or even torn rubber boots as a form. By the same principle, you can create pots for domestic plants.

Original sculptures

Turn your garden into an art gallery in the open air. The most common things will come to the rescue.

Useful things for the garden

In the design of the garden are relevant things that do not always have a place in the house. For example, how would you like a cement lampshade or a bottle-shaped vase? In fact, you can make copies of many interesting things by creating your own compositions.

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