Card Suit Earrings

We will need: - paper for quilling of two colors; - toothpick; - PVA glue; - scissors - Moment glue (transparent ); - metal rings for fastening; - hooks for earrings.
 We will need materials
Each earring consists of two elements depicting a card suit. Since each element consists of a different number of parts, the length of paper used should be different. If we take the same length, then the density of twisting in different parts of the earrings will be very different. 1. Start with the element of "hearts". It consists of one part, so I use the full length of paper. Screw on a toothpick. In this case, it is better than a tool for quilling, because we need not very dense twist. We twist the paper, remove it from a toothpick and give it a heart shape. Glue the tip with PVA glue.
 Screw on a toothpick
2. The element" clubs "consists of fourparts. Paper use half the length. Twist the three elements of the type "drop" and one triangle. We glue them together. For the drop elements I used PVA glue. To glue the triangle, I use the “Moment” glue, since the touch area is small, and it needs to be well bonded.
 give a heart shape
3. Now it’s left to make connecting rings from paper. They should be barely noticeable, so I twist them out of paper, cut in half lengthwise. I also stick it to the main parts with Moment glue. Since the area of ​​gluing is different, somewhere for reliability you will have to glue the full face, and somewhere sideways. This is not reflected in the beauty of the earrings, as the detail is insignificant.
 one triangle
The second earring is made in the same way. Element "peaks" consists of three parts, and "tambourines" from one part. It is necessary to ensure that all the details of the earrings are approximately the same in size. It's easier to make one detail and compare with it.
 make connecting rings
4.Now you can cover the earrings with usual colorless nail polish in two or three layers for greater safety.
 earrings of card suits
5. We fasten the earring elements with metal rings, attach hooks. Original earrings are ready.

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