Caps - little animals for kids

To please your baby with a new hat, you need quite a bit of time and a little patience. And also one skein of primary color and a certain amount of threads that may have remained from your past works. For the decoration of the product, sewing threads, a needle, buttons, beads and finished store-bought eyes are useful. Before you start, you need to decide on the size of the cap by measuring the circumference of your child's head. 1. We collect a chain of air loops, closes it into a ring; 2. Next, knit according to the scheme.
Hats - animals for babies
1 row: we tie a chain of air loops with crochets (they will turn out 5-8 depending on the thickness yarn); 2nd row: in each column of the previous row we knit 2 double crochets. In each subsequent row we gradually reduce the number of additions until we reach the diameter of the bottom of the cap you need. Knowing the girth of a child’s head or his age, one can easily determine the diameter of the product’s day using the table; 3. After that, you need to knit without additions: each column of the previous row corresponds to a column of the new row; 4. Using the same table, you can determine what depth of the cap is needed exactly in your case.
 Hats - little animals for babies
You can make a hat straight or tie it with ears. They can be simply decorative, and can be voluminous, created just for warming a knitted product. For the manufacture of the ears, you should mark their locations with bright threads (after tying, remove the bright threads). And gradually reduce the number of loops when tying the rows. To reduce the number of loops in two ways: systematically skip one of the loops of the previous row, or combine the last two loops of each row. Cap can be further warmed. For example, sew small fleece pads into the ears, or make a one-piece lining, as I did in one of the caps. This is a very soft material,which is great for children's products.
 Hats - little animals for babies
You can decorate the finished product in a huge number of ways. In this case, I made little animal hats. For the final image of the panda, you need to make black ears and eye contours. They should be knitted according to the scheme,
Caps - little animals for kids
 Hats - little animals for babies
only use no double crochets, and the columns without the crochet. Spout knit as well as ears, gradually reducing the number of loops in a row. All neatly sew to the cap. Buttons or ready-made eyes can be used for the eyes themselves. For the image of a cat, flowers with beads and an antennae were additionally made.
Caps - little animals for kids
For the mouse was connected muzzle. In order for the image to be more spectacular, between the circle created for the face and the cap I inserted a small amount of fleece.
Caps - little animals for babies
Multi-colored braids or plaits became an excellent idea for the strings. From the remaining yarn, you should cut the threads of the same length, thread them between the posts in the area of ​​the ears and weave a pigtail or a harness. Such a hat, made with your own hands, is sure to become your child's favorite thing.

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