Not all men think about their appearance, in particular, their hair. Many are sure that men's haircuts do not particularly differ in variety, subdivided except for short and long stylings. Meanwhilestylish hair and well-groomed look attract the looks of women, highlighting a man among others.

The hairdress "Britannica" is unique due to a combination of elegance and simplicity, business style and dynamism, courage.

British haircut for men

Hairstyle was invented in the UK, after it became popular in Europe and the US. Has not bypassed fashion by Russia, the countries of Asia. Not surprising,"British" fits almost any type of appearance.due to the asymmetric rigor of styling, giving the image freshness, masculinity, boldness and at the same time restraint.

The technique of creating hairstyles is very similar to “Andreat” and “Canadian”, but it has significant differences: when creating “British”, the sides and the back of the head are shaved briefly, and the parietal part and bangs are left as long as possible.When laying bangs combed back or laid on its side.

Hairdressers advise to pre-grow hair to about 13 cm before cutting. This will allow to cut out the desired shape and get an effective result.

Who chooses the "British"

Hairstyle is created, focusing on the type of person, appearance, so you can get a harmonious image. Usually haircut is suitable for almost all men, and it can be called universal, which explains its popularity. Hairstyle gives individuality to men with an oval, round, heart-shaped, triangular face type.

"Britannica" is beautifully produced on thick hair. If a man has thin and liquid hair, it is better to refuse such a haircut, although, if desired, and with the constant use of various stylers and hair dryers, they can also experiment with their appearance. Original "British" looks on curly hair.

"Britannica": how to cut the house

This hairstyle is easy to create, even at home. It is necessary to start to see the photo of the male haircut "Britannica" in order to reveal its features.

British male haircut photo

Men's haircut: "Britannica"

For haircuts need:

  • the machine for a hairstyle;
  • scissors with teeth;
  • scallop;
  • styling mousse.

It is necessary to separate the top part, which will be long, and leave it. It is better to remove this hair with a hairpin. Next, shave the back and sides. After doing curls from the crown to the forehead. The bangs are left as much as possible elongated, practically not cutting it, only profiling with scissors. At the end it is necessary to perform styling hairstyle, fixing it with varnish.

This haircut "British" for men will be the perfect complement to the modern image.

After washing your head, it is better to comb your hair immediately, giving it a shape. If you can, you can use a hairdryer.

Britannia: main types

Men can choose the type of "British", which is ideal for him. It does not take much effort to maintain the desired shape. There are several types of hairstyles:

  1. Classic style- in this case, the bangs will be the same horizontally. It must be laid on its side. No filing, clear lines. Hair does not exceed 5 cm.
  2. Sport style- is the smooth transition of short strands to longer ones. This hairstyle is comfortable, does not need much effort during styling.The hairstyle keeps a form in any weather.
  3. Romantic style- associated with curls, tender curls.
  4. Military- universal multi-layer haircut. It looks chaotic and perfect for courageous and purposeful men.
  5. Grange- there are no restrictions, a lot of transitions or ragged areas, ragged. Hair looks ambiguous. You can use bright colors. This style is suitable for brave men.
British haircut for men

Stylish haircut "British"

"Britannica" is a hairstyle that always looks different. She does not imply any restrictions.She can convey the inner feelings of men. This fashionable haircut will allow you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible, regardless of lifestyle, work. Before you change your style, be sure to look at the photos and decide what is best to choose.

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