Bright decor of a plain T-shirt

Any thing can be transformed beyond recognition and this master class confirms what has been said. In this master class, we will focus on decorating a children's monochromatic T-shirt with improvised materials with minimal investment. For work you need: • thing for decoration ; • contours on fabric (at least two colors); • simple pencil for drawing contours; • decorative elements (buttons, beads, ribbons, rhinestones, etc.); • • needle with thread. Decorating process. The whole process can be divided into several stages. Stage 1. Before Using. 1. First you start decorating, you should prepare all the necessary materials and tools. Clothing should be clean and dry;
 Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
2. Think of a pattern that you will depict on your clothes. If you do not know how to draw, then you can print the appropriate version from the Internet.In order that the printed contours are well translucent through the fabric it is necessary to draw a contour on paper with a wide marker; 3.With the help of a simple pencil, start to draw the contour on the fabric. It is necessary to draw everything, even the smallest details, and only then proceed to the next stage.
 Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
Bright decor of a single-color T-shirt
Stage 2. Working with color. Features of applying paint: 1. Start applying color from above down, it will allow not to smear the paint when working;
 Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
 Bright decor of one-colored football and
2.Nachinat better with the base color, ie. e. the fact that the figure most. In this master class, the green color prevails, that's why we started with it.After the contours of the main color are applied, go to other colors;  Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
3. Immediately you need to apply paint along the contour, this will save the borders of the picture and the paint does not “float” to the drawing of the internal parts of the image.
 Bright decor of a plain t-shirt
4. When drawing, and the tube should be well pressed, then the contour will be complete and bright;
 Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
5. Only after the contour has dried (2–3 hours) go to fill the inside of the image. In order for the color inside the drawing to be smooth and smooth it is convenient to use a palette on which a small amount of ink is squeezed out and a few drops of water are added. This method will allow you to distribute the paint in a uniform layer and use a brush, which is much more convenient than working with a narrow nozzle on a tube with a contour.
 Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
6. When all pieces images have both main outlines andthe inner color can be supplemented with additional strokes, for example, to draw streaks on the leaves, and bends on the colors. Such elements are made in the same way as the main contour, but at the very end of the drawing.
 The bright decor of a plain T-shirt
Fixing the paint on the fabric: To image on clothes held for a long time and not washed off it must be properly fixed. After completing the drawing, the paint should dry for at least 24 hours, after which the clothes should be ironed on the wrong side at the maximum allowable temperature (depending on the type of fabric) within 5 minutes. This stage should be taken responsibly, since non-observance of technology will lead to washing of the pattern after the first washings. Step 3. Addition of the pattern.When all the previous stages are completed, you can proceed to the final work - decoration. To supplement the image, you can use absolutely any details. In this version, the yellow buttons for the center of flowers and the green ones were used to complement the leaves.
Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
 Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
As an option, you can use nylon tape to form volumetric petals of flowers and beads to imitate the middle. As you can see, the process of decorating clothes can be very interesting, most importantly, be patient and wake up your imagination, then both the process and the result will please you. align: center; "> Bright decor of a plain T-shirt
Bright single-color decor T-shirts

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