Bridal bouquet of callas - beautiful and unusual

A bridal bouquet is a very important attribute. And if you still cannot decide which colors to make it from, pay attention to the tender callas.

Why these flowers?

Callas are rarely used for making bouquets, although they have a number of advantages. The first is unpretentiousness. These flowers do not require special care. The second advantage is that they retain their freshness for a long time and perfectly dispense with water. In addition, they can withstand even frosts and temperature changes.

So you can safely buy a bouquet in advance (two or three days), because on the wedding day it will be the same as with the purchase. The third advantage is a wide variety of colors. The fourth advantage is elegance and tenderness. Callas are very beautiful and romantic flowers. And, finally, they can be used to compose bouquets of different shapes.

What do they symbolize?

What do callas mean? They are a symbol of purity and purity, so they will be very appropriate at the wedding.Also, these flowers represent respect and admiration, so in some countries the grooms give them to the brides before the wedding. In addition, callas can symbolize happiness and family well-being and, therefore, they will ensure the newlyweds a long family life without disagreement and quarrels.

And there is also a legend according to which a girl who really didn’t want to marry an unloved person turned into a beautiful calla. And since then, these flowers are a symbol of all brides and a kind of their talisman.

In some countries, callas are considered funeral flowers, personify mourning, and are often woven into wreaths. But in fact, there are no grounds for such statements, so you can safely drive the extra thoughts out of your head.

Which bride can choose them?

The wedding bouquet of brides from callas will suit elegant girls who know their own value and have their own opinions. Also, these flowers will be ideal for creative and dreamy nature.

As for the appearance, since the callas are considered exotic and exquisite colors, they are more suitable for brides with an unusual or aristocratic appearance and regular features.In addition, a bouquet of these flowers will look harmoniously in the hands of a pretty tall girl.

What dress will be combined?

Since the callas themselves are elegant flowers, they will not tolerate pretentiousness. This means that the dress should be as simple and elegant as possible. The ideal option would be a model with a straight or fitted silhouette in the Greek or classic style. Also interesting with the callas will look a dress style "mermaid" or "fish".

How to choose a bouquet?

What to look for when choosing a callas?

  • The length of the stems. She must match the height of the bride. The lower it is, the shorter the stalks should be.
  • Colour. There are many shades of callas. The choice should depend on the color of the wedding dress and accessories. And each shade has its own specific meaning. So, pink personifies romance, tranquility and tenderness. White is a symbol of purity and purity. Red is the embodiment of passion and love. Yellow can be called a symbol of loyalty and attentiveness. Black is mysterious, elegant and mysterious.
  • Flowers should be fresh.
  • Bouquet style. He can be restrained and strict, without excesses.It will be interesting to look rich bouquet, complemented by other flowers and elegant accessories. A romantic style is also appropriate, which can be created with elements such as rhinestones, beads or ribbons.

How to make up?

Important points:

  1. The form can be any. A long bouquet will give an image of refinement, the rounded shape will make the bride more delicate. Cascade and multilevel bouquets look interesting.
  2. What colors are best combined with exquisite callas? Roses will give passion and shade callas. Orchids will add chic and charm. Freesia will make the image of the bride unique, as well as complement the missing volume of the bouquet. The monobuket consisting only of callas will be elegant.
  3. You should not overload the already beautiful bouquet with bright decorative elements, otherwise the whole charm will be lost. You can use ribbons, beads, braid, lace. From large and too bright elements should be abandoned.
  4. If you decide to use greens, then it should be simple and preferably elongated.

Let your bouquet be the most beautiful!

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